New Straight Talk Phones For 2017

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New Straight Talk Phones For 2017

As your verizon or at&t bill start to balloon out of control there are some great prepaid companys to look at who have a fixed monthly bill like straight talk wireless. I know when I had verizon my bill would be anywhere from 90 dollars up to 300 dollars a month.  And the problem was I had a 70 dollar a month plan.  It would never be that little.

This really made me mad each month and I am sure your feeling that same pain. 

We are gonna look at the best prepaid straight talk phones we could find.

Best Straight Talk Phones List


The best smartphone available 

Samsung s8 and s8 Plus Straight Talk Best 

The Galaxy S8 Has the world’s first Infinity Screen and is on the best new straight talk phones list. You cannot get a better viewing experience than the s8 and s8 plus from samsung.  This is the top straighttalk wireless device available right now.  It is not the cheapest but it is the best.

Once you get this smartphone in your hands than you will know what I am referring to.  I currently use the s8+ and love it very much.  You can even get the unlocked version if you can find one cheaper on ebay and use it with your prepaid plan.

Iphone 7 Straight Top Smartphone

The iphone 7 comes in at number 2. The jet black color is probably the best color out there of any smartphone.

You get

  • USAGE TIME Up to 14 hours on 3G
  • DISPLAY 4.7'' HD display
  • STORAGE Internal Memory: 32 GB
  • CAMERA 12 MP iSight camera
  • DIMENSIONS 5.44'' x 2.64'' x 0.28'' inches

Really a great smartphone as you probably already know but the jet black is simply amazing color for a smartphone.  

Phone 7 features an all-new 12 MP camera and a lot faster speeds than the iphone 6.  You can get your business work done faster and have time to play on your social media accounts just by the faster speeds. You will love the camera as well. It is a big upgrade from the 6s as well.

Lg Stylo3 Comes In At 3 

If you are a fan the samsung note than you will love the lg stylo 3 which is kind of a cheaper version of that smartphone.  You get the stylus and the bigger screen which is great if you do business on your phone.  You can keep track of your do list better with the stylo and giant screen.

What makes this come in at number 3 on our list is the price. I dont think there is a better phone in this price range that is brand new. 


  • SPEED 4G LTE/Wi-Fi®
  • USAGE TIME Talk time up to 20 Hrs
  • DISPLAY 5.7'' Touch Display
  • STORAGE Internal Memory up to 16 GB (device only)
  • CAMERA 8MP Camera
  • DIMENSIONS 6.13'' (H) x 3.15'' (W) x 0.29'' (D) inches

5s Price Is Great and one of the Best Straight Talk Smartphones

Were can you get a brand new iphone for 99 dollars with a prepaid plan. Not to many places and this has factored into our idea to put this smartphone at number 4.  Not refurbished or used it is brand new for 99 dollars right on the walmart website.

You will love the retina display on this phone and  8 MP iSight Camera.  Also boasts  A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. 

There are some great straight talk lg phones as well. 


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  • the best straight talk wireless phone I use is the iphone 5 for the price. I got i for 99 dollars. really cannot beat that

    john on

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