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S7 QI Charging For Tech Lovers

When we talk about smartphones including the s7 and s7 edge samsung galaxy the coolest thing about them is the s7 qi charging that samsung is so far a head of the competition with. I can point out why there cool.  The best thing is the ease of use.  You can basically just set your s7 down on it and it will start charging.  No need to mess with cables just plop down your phone on the qi-compatible charging pad.

Now with samsung faster charging qi on the wireless devices you can charge your phone faster than ever.  Also what is great withe newer models other than say the s5 qi charging is it comes right in the phone.  No need to purchase a s5 qi wireless backcover. For a list of qi compatible phones beyond the s7 please check with your carrier for more information

Available Qi Devices Online

  • Regular samsung wireless charging pad
  • Samsung fast qi charging pad 
  • samsung fast convertible wireless charger powermat qi
  • saneo s8 wireless charger
  • anker wireless charging pad
  • samsung wireless fast charging stand
  • aukey qi wireless charging
  • anker fast charging pad







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  • Wireless Charging has had a hit a miss relationship with the mobile industry, dipping in and out of product ranges and flitting between spec sheet feature and accessory status. For a elecronic geek it’s a breaking through news.With Wireless charging,we dun have to worry when we bring charging adapters.it’s very convient ,and it is widely appiled in many workshops sucn airport, plazza ect. thanks for wireless technology it makes our life easier,just like anker,choetech ect.

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