How To Save Battery On Galaxy S7 Smartphone

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How To Save Battery On Galaxy S7 To Get Through The Day

When the s7 was first released if you looked at forums online all you saw was customers trying to get long battery life for there galaxy s5.  There was no fast charging back then and it seemed like the battery would only last for about 2 or 3 ours.  This was a real big problem samsung had.  Customers basically had to purchase spare batteries to get through the day.

If you are to the android family or are switching from a non smartphone to a smartphone then we have some great tips for you that will help you get the best battery life on your GS5. This will also show how to save battery on galaxy s4 as well.

Lets move on to our best battery life tips for the s5. You will be on your way to full battery juice for the day. 

 Turn The Brightness Down

As you have probably seen the first thing a lot of devices do is try and make you adjust your brightness down when the battery life gets low.  You can see this on laptops and also smartphones.  It will do this automatically when your your phone gets down to around 5 percent but you can do this anytime to save battery life. 

With the samsung galaxy series phones there is an option you can choose called handle the brightness.

Tricks To Extend The Battery In The Samsung Galaxy S7


The Samsung Galaxy S7 display is spectacular, the response speed soaring and the newest games are fluid that gives pleasure. But none of that would be feasible without its battery, so to end the week nothing better than a few tips to extend the battery and give you more time to use your Samsung Galaxy S7


Neither the most eye-catching display nor the largest screen, the most powerful processor and the world's most megapixel camera would be anything without the essential component of every mobile phone: its battery. Once so durable that we spent days without having to plug it in, modern smartphones and all those things that they bring and like to use so much have become a killer of batteries, and rare is the mobile that arrives the next day after a whole day using it without having to load it.

If you are just going to move on the latest Samsung proposal, it sure works well with these tricks to lengthen the battery and resist a little more with the terminal without the risk of dying in the middle of the day.


The Auto Brightness Bar

For a start, something quick, simple and we have at the touch of a menu as is to place the brightness bar in Automatic, so that the device adapts the display to the lighting conditions of the place. In fact, Samsung Galaxy S7 even allows us to raise or lower the brightness in automatic mode. Maybe we like to see the screen a little darker, but always remember that the display is the thing that consumes the most battery.

And the brighter, the more it will drain the speed of the battery. And if you do not try the experiment of spending one day with the brightness in automatic and another in normal with the bar in the middle-high.


Smart Stay Off

The veteran of Galaxy S, with Smart, Stay, we can be reading for long periods of time without the terminal turn off or go to sleep because the screen detects when we are watching or when we stop. There are those who use this feature often, but if you're not going to be reading a multi-page article or a book, better unplug it and save some energy expenditure on the battery.


Screen Standby Time

That means the time it takes for the display to turn off by itself if we do not touch the terminal. It's true that many make the gesture of blocking and therefore turn off the screen when they are not going to use it. But if the S7 stays on, we better make sure the waiting time until the screen goes off is 1 minute or 30 seconds, instead of 5-10 minutes the display is on.


Always Active Display

One of the elements used by Samsung in promoting the Samsung Galaxy S7, this feature turns off the display but keeps parts of it to display data such as time, battery and notifications we receive. Samsung itself assures that it only spends 5% of the battery every 8-10 hours, and it is the answer to activate the display, to consult whatever it's and to turn it off, a gesture that spends more battery.

The truth is always active display is very configurable, but if we are not going to use it and we do not want a screen always on even if it's spending the absolute minimum of battery, we better remove it.


Unnecessary Gestures

From looking up a number in the list and taking the phone to your ear to automatically mark screenshots using the palm of your hand, or flip the terminal to silence a conversation, gestures are still something that is part of the Samsung terminals.

Although honestly, if you do not use all or directly do not use any, you will do a favor to the battery disconnecting them. Except to activate the camera by pressing twice the Home button, certainly the most effective.


Wifi And Bluetooth Always ON?

If you go into Privacy and Location Security> Improve Accuracy, you will discover that although in theory, you have WiFi and Bluetooth disconnected, they will always be active because this option uses them to improve the services and applications of the phone. Do you want to save battery? Disconnect them, and then WiFi and Bluetooth will be turned off in the terminal.


No Device Scans

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is made to drain batteries, according to everything Samsung Galaxy S7 have activated. Within Settings, More Connection Settings you will find the Scanning of Closed Device function, with which the terminal is always scanning nearby devices for when we connect to them the process is fast and effective. Best for the battery? Keep it off and just scan when it tells you.


Dark Themes

Here the lesson is simple, how much clearer and white is the theme we are using, the more battery it will waste. The darker the subjects, the less battery will consume. This is because the AMOLED screens show the black tones simply turning off the light behind those pixels, so if the whole subject is clear and without dark parts, more work will the screen have.



We know how much Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications are used, but the amount of data and therefore the battery they consume is enormous. One trick to not run out of FB and at the same time to give some more life to the battery is using the mobile version of Facebook inside a browser. To do this, you only have to create a direct icon on the desktop with which to access FB on your mobile site, which also has messenger


Finally, Saving And Optimization

Of the most useful to the Samsung Galaxy S7, with this application the terminal automatically puts 'sleeping' apps that we have not used in three days, optimizing this way the performance of the battery. But by default, it's not very effective, so it's best to tell which apps we want to put on hold and how many days of inactivity. But be careful, because if we do it for example, with Twitter, until activated, we will not receive any notification.



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