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u sell your phone fast

Where can I sell my phone for cash so I can get the latest upgrade of a note8 or iphone 8. 

If your looking at how to sell a smartphone than you made it to the correct post and I will show you ideas of how I sell my phone for cash as well. If your looking to sell your phone then you have come to the correct place. 

There are so many places you can sell your phone now with the internet and we get asked all the time were can I sell my phone for a good price.  I know back in 2000 I was on there selling all kinds of stuff through ebay including books.    

There are many places that will actually let you sell your phone directly to them now for cash and also many marketplaces were you can sell it yourself.  

With this Fast Battery Charger Post I will give you some choices to choose from so you know  the best place to sell used cellphones at.

Timing Is Important to sell my cell phone.

sell your note8 to gazelle

You should always know when the best time to get rid of that smartphone is.  Samsung has life cycles of products so an s5 will not get anywhere near what an s7 edge will get right now.

Sometimes you just cannot wait for the new phone to come out so you will get a lot less than you would normally.  It just depends on what is hot right now.  Some phones keep there value and some do not. I like to sell my phone for cash so I can get that new upgrade fast as well.

With the new s8 plus release in april that would have been a great time to plan your upgrade and find out were you want to sell. 

Since you cannot be without a phone for most people you have to time it right.  On ebay you can actually sell your device and say you will ship it within 5 days so that might be a great option.  With gazelle you can get a price lock sometimes.

I have sold my phone online and also my note 3 locally before but had to let it go for a lot less money than I would have gotten from other venues.  When I was trying to sell my phone I did not have to ship it though which was a plus and got the cash instantly. That said, with selling on facebook marketplace you do not have to pay a fee if you get the cash for it so that is money you saved. Having the money in your hands instead of waiting to transfer from paypal is a plus as well. Just depends on were you live and there is enough market for the phone.

It can also make a big difference were you live because if you live in a rural town than you  are not going to have a lot of people that are available to sell to.  On the other hand if you live in nyc or miami then the market will be big enought to get a good value for your smartphone. 

If your looking for were you can sell your phone in store instead of on a marketplace than check your local wireless stores as well. Some take trade ins.

Deciding On Condition to sell my phone for cash

Making sure you put the correct condition of your smartphone is probably the best and most important thing to do when selling it. 

Make sure you let the customer know that there are a lot of scratches or if a button does not work.  They will most likely just want to return it if you lied about the condition.

Then you have to accept a return and that can cause problems as well.

Do not sell a bad device and list as new.  

Also when the phone is older than a year the manufacturer warranty has probably expired so let the customer know this as well and state if you accept returns.

Easy To Do's Before Your ready to Sell Your Phone

With the s8 and s8 plus from samsung just releasing I bet your looking to purchase that smartphone and want to sell your old one.  

To find electronics and phones sitting around your house just check the drawers or closets.  I have found about 4 just sitting there for probably years now. 

Always put your thinking cap on for where can I sell my phone for a good price because the more money you get the more accessories and better phone you can get with the money.

You want to make sure you cleaned all the information off the old phone first.  Backup any data you think you will need as well like pictures of the kids, or phone numbers that are important to your every day life. Having to manually load all those numbers can be a real big pain.

Also make sure you take your sim card out of the smartphone or flip phone you have.  That will have to be transferred to your new phone.  You can find it somewhere on the side oor behind the battery on your phone.

So now your ready to purchase that iphone 7 or samsung s8 plus now.  If you have something wrong with your phone and have insurance than you should check out best insurance plans and make sure your phone is ready to sell.

Sell Your Phone Online on Ebay

Everybody probably knows this already but ebay is really a great place to get the maximum money back for your old cellphone. It is probably the best place to sell your iphone or samsung phone.

They do charge a fee but you will get more money back then from a company that buys cellphones.

Another thing to watch out for is make sure you keep track of your imei number because I actually sold a phone on ebay before and the customer sent me back an old damaged one and ebay still refunded the guy.

Another thing to remember is you have to provide some customer service as well so it is not just sell my cellphone and your done. You have to stay up to date because they might want to return it.

If your looking for a great place to sell your iphone or other old phone than this is our favorite place.

You can also sell it on Craigslist

It is probably one of the cheapest places to sell that smartphone. When I go on there you can always see people selling phones and electronics on there.

Craigslist is one of the top websites online so there are a lot of people that go there and you will get offers for your phone there as well. 

Swappa Is  Great Marketplace If Your Looking Where to Sell A Smartphone

Like ebay swappa is a great niche electronics marketplace that you can sell your used or slightly used electronics on.

When I first checked there website out it looked like you could only sell smartphones but if you take a look now you can see they have a lot of different items for sale in that category. 

If you do not want to hassle with customers than you can also sell directly to them.  

They also sell stuff directly to the consumer as well.  I see unlocked phones and tempered glass.

I think this is the best place to sell used phones because it is so niche.

Overall this is one of those places that buy phones for cash and you can also sell on your own for cash so I would take a look at swappa for sure.

FaceBook Marketplace

There is actually a lot of competition on the worlds social media giants marketplace.  It is free to list so this is a great option to pawn of your phone. 

Find A Local EcoAtm Machine (Gazelle Company) ecoatm locations

Yes you heard that correctly an atm.  The atm is called an ecoatm which you can go to there website and find one that is near you and that allows for instant cash for your smartphone. 

Sell Your Phone for Fast Cash 

You can recycle the phone and help save the planet at the same time.  With more than 175 million phones being recycled you will be in good company every year.

To help save on shipping and an easy way for cash for smartphones you can just use there atm whereabout tab to find one.

I was checking my area and there was about 5 within an hour of were I live so you should have a great shot at having one by your residence.

Maybe your family has other devices you want to sell.  You can get it all done at the kiosk.

  • sell iphone 5s
  • sell iphone 6 or 6s
  • sell iphone 4
  • you can sell your broken iphone
  • sell your new or used iphone
  • sell your samsung s8
  • samsung s4
  • samsung s5
  • samsung s6
  • samsung s7
  • samsung note 3 4 or 5

Sell To Gazelle Directly on There Website

You can sell to one of the biggest buyers of cellphones on the market today Gazelle.  They are very trustworthy and you will have your money in no time.

You will get a great price for a gazelle phone trade in.

You will have to ship them the device before actually get the cash though so it is not instant like the kiosk system. They also allow you to sell old phones and not just new models.

If your looking to purchase a new or used device you can go to there website as well because they have a large range of phones to purchase.

You can check what great feedback they have gotten from the public at http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Gazelle 

If you have family or friends that are looking to sell as well they have a great referral program as well.

Unlike ebay gazelle you cannot actually sell the phone yourself on the website. You can only sell it to them directly.

Usell.com You Can Sell Your Phone Too As Well

Another great website to sell your phone to. They state on there site you get the most money for the least effort which I think everybody is looking for these days.

They also accept used, broken, new devices which is nice to know.

You can see how easy it is at u sell.  Just click on the sell your iphone 4,5,6 or whatever your looking to pawn off. There website looks great and I know there a reputable buyer of smartphones.  They have been doing for a while now.

It is easy how there system works basically


  • Get your phone offer
  • ship the product
  • get paid from u sell fast
  • sell your broken iphone for cash here as well



Maxback Is A Great Online Dealer

max back

First look at there website you can see they are not just a fly by the night operation. It seems really easy to sell your phone online and you will have your cash fast.

Whats great about this site is they even purchase your smartwatches, speakers, and other electronics beyond just smartphones.

You can get in touch with them via phone easily as well here 

This is were I go to sell my phone and get cash back today very easily.

1-855-MAX-BACK. max back phone number for easy communication

You can also lock your price in for 30 days so if your hesitant to get rid of that old electronic you have a little time to think it out.

It is also risk free so if you feel like you got robbed for the price they will send it back to you no questions asked.

We have actually purchased devices from maxback before and they are really great with all your needs.  If you have a problem then they will fix it right away. 

Make sure before sending it to them that you do an imei check  . 

BuyBackBoss States Highest Payouts


From trustpilot  you can see there are a lot of happy customers that have sold there smartphone to buybackboss.

They also purchase broken, used, new or company smartphones for a great payout just like gazelle does.

You can sell that broken iphone you have sitting around your house. 

ItsWorthMore Takes Phones For Money

itsworthmore sell your phone

Just like Gazelle Itsworthmore has a great refer a friend program so you can make some money beyond trading your phone and to keep you from having to sell your phone online through an auction.

They like to keep you from the hassle of an ebay auction by just giving you fast cash for that phone. 

What I like best is there is no risk to you so you can walk from any deal you do not like. 

They take in

  1. apple watches
  2. mac mini
  3. smartphones
  4. samsung
  5. apple
  6. motorola
  7. ipods

   Some Great Wireless Carrier Trade In Programs

Verizon Wireless Trade In Program

If you ready for an upgrade of your smartphone you can also use verizon trade in program to get some money off.  My verizon wireless trade in value for a s7 was 190 so not to bad. Better than sitting in a drawer.

Sometimes they will give you the money over the course of a year which is okay now because they also allow you to pay for your phone over the course of a few years.

From there website VERIZON TRADE IN PROGRAM it simply states Trade In Your Device Get Paid.  So what could be easier than that.

So you if you have an s7 or s7 edge samsung phone and want to trade it in for example just let them know what it is.  Then sign in to your verizon wireless account to get the cash or check value for it.  They will then give you a ups label to return. 

They might even give you a verizon wireless trade in promotion code.

Tmobile Trade In Program

You can see how easy it is to start a trade in on the Tmobile website. 

Just a few easy steps and your done basically.

Cash for Phones

You can check out our parent company sfelectronics if you want fast cash as well. Just email us at sales at sfelectronics.biz

Local Stores That Buy Used Phones

If your in a hurry you can try best buy store locator.  

For local wireless carriers try this store locater

Verizon wireless store locator

Tmobile store locator

Sprint store locator

At&t store locator

1. Where can I sell my phone for a good price ?  

The best place right now I believe to a good price for your smartphone is when your trading them into verizon, best buy and so on.  You get a lot more value if you do not need the cash right a way. 

You might have to keep a contract or upgrade to another phone but it gives great value for your trade in.

2.  Were can I sell my sell my phone for cash near me? 

There are a few options to look at. I am alwasy asked were I can sell my phone in store and you can do this at your  local at&t, verizon, sprint or tmobile store might be offering cash for your trade in.  I would check with them first. 

You can also try the sell your phone kiosk or  atm phone trade in machines.  There have been some people who stated they had trouble with those because there is no a human available there so might be an issue you can have.

Another great option is to go to a pawnbroker.  There are a lot by my house you can get cash the same day.

3. Where can I sell my phone for credit?  

I would check out bestbuy first.  They always have the best credit for phones available.  Sometimes you even can get a free phone when trading in your old phone. 

4. I know you trade in cell phone for cash but can you trade in ipod touch 32gb for money?  Gazelle allows you to trade in all kinds of electronics.



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Trade in your old iPhone SE for cash at Gazelle.com!

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