Imei Check Is Easy For Your Smartphones

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Imei Check For Your Smartphone Is Easy

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When your gonna sell your smartphone or trade it in the first thing you want to do is make sure to do an imei check because you want to make sure it is not backlisted.

If your imei is backlisted by the carrier than your phone cannot be used and when you go to sell it the customer will not be able to use it either so I always check my imei before selling it. 

It can be backlisted for a number of reasons because it can be stolen or the bill not paid on it and will come back as a non clean imei.

So it is always best to check the imei first. We will discuss the best places to check my imei online. 

What Is The Imei ? 

IMEI literally stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. So if you have an s8 or an s7 edge or any other smartphone it will have its own imei to identify the smartphone.  When I purchased my s8+ I noticed that on the side of the retail packaging the imei was on there and at&t actually needed that number to active the phone.  

Another time when I went to sell a phone on ebay the customer asked me for the this number as well to see if it could be used.  If it had a clean imei than it was good to go and a bad number than it was useless basically. 

If you have a problem with your warranty on your phone the first thing the manufacturer will do is ask for the imei first to see how long of a warranty you have left. 

Each smartphone on the market today will have its own unique imei as well. 

Difference between a clean imei check and a bad locked imei?

A clean imei will be able to be activated with your carrier no problem.  A bad locked imei you cannot activate and the phone is basically a brick because it can never be used until it is cleared up. 

That is why you should use an imei checker before purchasing or selling.

Is there a difference between ESN and IMEI?

There is no difference.  There both the phones identifier and used to activate the phone with your carrier of choice. 

How Can An Iphone Or Samsung Galaxy Have a Bad ESN/IMEI?

bad imei

  1.  The iphone or samsung galaxy was reported lost or stolen by the original owner.
  2.  You purchased the phone on a lease program and have stopped paying on it.
  3.  The phone was purchased say on ebay and the original owner has forgot to remove the activation lock or just plain forgot to remove it from there account then the phone can be useless unless fixed.

How to find the imei on your samsung galaxy

To find the imei on your galaxy s8  and s8 plus you can go to settings>about phone>status>imei information and you will see it pop up.  You can also use this step to check your s3, s4, s5, s6, s7 and edge models as well as note models.

You can also find the imei on the back side of devices without battery doors.  If your samsung has a battery door than the imei can be found under your battery.  There should be a sticker there that shows it. Then head over to swappa esn check to see if its okay to activate.

How to find your imei for iphone or meid number

To look for the imei for iPhone, go to Settings > General > About on your device and move down to imei.

There is another way to find the esn by doing the following

On the iphone 4/4s you can take a look at the sim tray

iPhone 5, 5C, 5S can be found on the backside of the smartphone

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus esn/imei can be seen on the back panel

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: On the SIM card tray

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: On the SIM card tray and go to swappa esn check to see if its good.

Find your imei for LG Smartphones


 So LG and samsung both have android on there phones so your going to do the same thing for both. 

Just click settings then scroll down to about phone and from there click imei and your all set.

How to check your esn or imei on your samsung, iphone or LG phone

There are a number of different imei checkers online and we have gone and test to see what ones seem to work and what ones dont work so good and provided a great list below for you. Most of these options you can check imei free around 15 times a day or so. 

check imei swappa verizon att sprint tmobile

How to check if any smartphone has a clean esn:

  1. CLICK HERE checkesnfree
  2. Put your iphone, samsung or LG imei in the space and wait for it come up.
  3. You will see were it says backlist status and it will say what is is.
  4. ImeiPro is were we go to check first
  5. Best imei checker for iphone

How to check if a Verizon Phone has clean imei:

  2. Just enter your device ID and click continue
  3. Wait to see if imei/esn is clean or not and with verizon esn check you can know if a phone on ebay is okay to purchase.

How to check if your AT&T has clean imei

  2. Pretty straight forward here just select the smartphone and enter imei
  3. Wait to see if it is okay
  4. best imei checker free from montly fees

How to check the sprint esn

  1. Sprint imei lookup and esn check click here
  2. meid checker is important before buying on ebay
  3. put esn in and wait till it gives you results

How to check if tmobile imei is clean

  1. click here
  2. put imei in and hit submit and wait

 Use Swappa Esn Checker for Unlocked Phones

I would first use the carrier imei checker because you will get the best results with there system. If your trying to check an non carrier branded phone than swappa would be a great choice because not only can you check it there but you can also sell it on there as well.

The swappa esn website can help you from purchasing a bad imei device on ebay or amazon.  

This is the first thing you want to do before purchasing a used unlocked smartphone. Check the imei and if it is clean than your good to go.

How to check iphones and samsung on swappa:

  1.  click here  to check imei number and wait for results to come up
  2. Type your IMEI number into where it says “ESN/IMEI/MEID
  3. wait for the results

 Best Non carrier imei checker online

There are so many more places to do an imei check and were going to give you the best with the most options below here

  •  you can get even more info than just if it is backlisted.  This website also gives you the warranty information.

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  • I need to check my imei on a device i just purchased from ebay because I cannot get a signal. I think the device was stolen and has a backlisted imei.

    john on
  • I run a cell repair shop and we are always getting new phones in so I have to do a imei check for all of the smartphones. I like to use the swappa esn checker because I can also sell my phone there as well.

    John on

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