How You Can Recondition Your Old Batteries

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How You Can Recondition Your Old Batteries

Battery reconditioning entails restoring the battery power to its very own full capacity. Reconditioning batteries is a really simple technique, and also anyone can perform it flawlessly. Picture the amount of money everyone will save by understanding how to recondition batteries. You will require some time as well as a few gadgets and items, however, in the end, you would be able to have a completely new battery.

We are going to discuss the steps to carry out while reconditioning a car as well as a laptop battery in this particular post. Pay attention to every detail, and learn.


Easy Steps To Recondition A Car Battery

The most affordable way how to recondition your car battery is actually by employing the magnesium sulphate or perhaps also known as Epsom salt. Listed below are the few brief and then simple steps that you can follow to recondition the battery power.


Link up a multimeter to your very own battery and then check the voltage, should the multimeter shows around 12V without being below 11 .8V than you could start to recondition the battery. Just in case values under 11 .8V, the possibilities to recondition the battery using this method are slim. A well charged 12V battery must gauge at 12.6 volts or maybe above.

Heat a 50% liter of distilled water to below the boiling level (60’C – 75’C)

And then, add a quarter of a kilogram of magnesium sulphate as well as stir it until almost all the magnesium sulphate melt.

For This Step, We Will Have 2 Different Ways Depending On Different Type Of Cell;

  • Flooded cell – take off the battery cell cover.
  • Covered cell – drill through the covered cap.
  • After that, pour away the entire old electrolyte
  • Through the use of a funnel, put the cell with the completely new electrolyte.
  • And then replace the battery cover for the flooded cell and then plug the hole in the covered cell battery.
  • Make sure the new electrolyte is appropriately distributed without any air bubble inside the cell

Place it on a trickle charge through the night to charge it gradually after that, let it cool down for a few minutes; it should be able to function like new ones!

The battery charger is available from the car battery work-area or perhaps workshop either to borrow it or perhaps purchase it. In case you wished to purchase one, it might cost akin to a new battery still quite bargain for a lasting application.


Right now, you know the way to recondition a car battery okay? What are you waiting for? Let's boost our Do-it-yourself experiences!


How you can recondition Ones own Laptop Battery

Different laptop computers come with diverse batteries. The 3 most typical types of laptop computer batteries are:

  • Nickel-cadmium
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride
  • Lithium Ion

Reconditioning merely works best for NiCad as well as NiMH batteries. Aside from making your old laptop or computer battery to maintain its charge for a long time, all these four methods about how to recondition a laptop computer battery will, in fact, save a big amount of money.


Method 1: Recalibration

Is the laptop computer battery not lasting as much time as it should or perhaps is it not recharging adequately? It is advisable to recalibrate it. Recalibration is suggested in case the battery was by no means left to die out or maybe it is usually plugged in.


Your own laptop battery requires recalibration while it never charges to one hundred percent or if perhaps the computer system shows 40 minutes of power remaining, however, the laptop computer dies later or just sooner. Listed here are 4 uncomplicated measures to recalibrate your laptop computer battery manually.


Step 1: Recharge Your Laptop Computer Battery To The Optimum Percentage.


Step 2: Unplug the laptop from the power supply as well as deactivate the screensaver and then any hibernation/sleep modes of operation to enable your battery to discharge much faster. Make certain your laptop computer is running on battery only and also let it drain completely. You should use your computer within this time, yet be aware of the degree of charge to prevent losing your own information while the battery abruptly dies. Let your laptop computer to power off.


Step 3: Allow The Laptop Computer To Remain Switched Off For 4 To 5 Hrs.

Step 4: Plug back the laptop as well as allow the battery charge as far as one hundred percent. At this point, the laptop battery ought to be giving you the right readings of the real battery’s ability. Power back your laptop or computer and then reset your power control settings to the things they were before. Keep checking the laptop to make sure that it is adequately re-calibrated.


Method 2: Cooling Down The Laptop Computer.

For Lithium-ion laptop computer batteries, you could boost their lifespan by ensuring your laptop or computer is cool all the time. Should your own laptop gets very hot, you can buy a cooling pad.


Method 3: Unplug At 100 % Full Charge.

Try allowing the battery recharge to one hundred percent after that unplug the laptop. While your PC battery is just almost dying, you want to plug it in once again and then allow it to charge up. Then again, this method will reduce the very lifetime of completely new Lithium-ion bаttеrіеѕ.

To fix this, you want to let the lіthіum-іоn bаttеrу dіѕсhаrgе as much as 45 to 50 percent, and thеn charge it аgаіn to 70 or perhaps 82 percent.


Method 4: Take Away The Battery While The Laptop Computer Is Plugged In

Try taking away the battery throughout times while your laptop is plugged into a power supply if it has a detachable battery. Although the chemical reactions could keep occurring in the battery irrespective of whether it is in or even out of your own laptop, this step also helps to recondition your very own laptop’s battery as well as increase its lifespan too.

Before carrying this out, ensure power outages usually do not sometimes hit your own area of residence.



Reconditioning batteries is also applicable to various other types as well. Golf carts require rechargeable batteries as well as most of the mobile electronics we employ on a daily basis possess rechargeable batteries in them. Each of these can be reconditioned back to life, and there are a few publications available which will educate you on how you can do this, and it could be done in your own home.

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