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 Well smartphones are used more and more each day and the battery life seems to be the biggest problem with each android phone so we will show you how to make your phone charge faster in the post below.  Every time you leave your house your probably on your last leg of battery power.  There are portable battery packs for this problem but who wants to carry around a heavy battery pack.  

There are things to do when your battery is getting low but were going to focus more on how you can make your phone charge faster as the headline says.  I see other post that dont keep a focus on this so we will.  We will also give you ideas to keep the battery you have for longer period of time and putting your phone in optimal condition to use.  

Purchase a quick charger 

The quickest way to charge battery fast is with a a smartphone right now is with a quick charger for android but not for usage of the iphone battery.  You cannot charge faster with anything else.  Here is all the compatible phones list that work with faster charging.

Some phones only use quick charge 2.0 and some use 3.0 so you want to check because if your phone happens to have 3.0 then you want to make sure the charger is the same specs to use in the wall socket. If you use a 2.0 with it you will not get the fastest speeds available so we will show you how to make your phone charge faster than a 2a charger can with a charging cable. 

With quick charge 3.0 you will charge your phone fast with an efficient 43 percent more than 2.0.  If you only have 2.0 inside the phone though you cannot charge your phone faster with the 3.0. 

What is the difference in speed between a standard charger and a fast charger or quick charger?

A standard (slow) charger will have speeds of around 3 hours total give or take.   If you use a quick charger you can charge your phone faster with about 90 minutes total speed. 

You can purchase the oem chargers that are made by your phone's manufacturer or you can purchase other brands as well to make your phone charge faster.  There are many different qualcomm certified chargers our there.

If you want the charging done fast than you do not want to use your wireless charger.  For some reason the speeds are not as fast as using the regular fast charger that comes with the phones.  For instance I have my s8+ on a fast wireless samsung charger and it says I have about 2 hr 34 minutes and with the regular charger only it will take about 1hr 34 min. 

Airplane mode


You have probably seen other website's claim that turning airplane mode on will help with faster charging times but is this a myth.  I checked out some great spots to see.  On the verizon website they did state it was a little faster but not by much. It really only was faster by 4 minutes.  Is that worth having your phone off for that amount of time. I don't think so. 

From this cnet video you can see the results

Wall Outlet Chargers vs USB 

You want to use the wall charger that comes in your retail box when you purchased your phone.  That is the fastest way to get it charged. With the exception of some LG phones that do not come with fast chargers all other manufacturers do give you the correct charger that works with the phone. 

If you are still using a usb cable to charge your phone with a laptop or desktop than you have found the slowest way possible.  The amp you get with the wall charger will be way more than you get with a laptop. 

How to charge your iphone faster?  The IPHONE might be an exception because if you have a macbook and connect to it then the charging speed can increase because it knows its connected to the iphone.

Charge Faster with Portable Battery Packs

We had to include these now because the technology has advanced so much with the battery pack. 

There are quick charge portable battery packs now so this is an option to help your battery juice for fastest charging. 

The samsung fast charge battery pack can give you the same speeds as the samsung wall charger which will help you if your out and about.  Go from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes time frame.

What also great is you can hold enough charge in these to actually charge your phone a few times on one battery fill up. This is how to charge your phone faster.

The 10200mah samsung pack has quick charge 2.0 in it as well and will hold almost double the juice.  You can charge non fast charging devices with 2a speeds as well.

10000mAh Power Pack Portable Charger FROM ANKER with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, for Samsung, iPhone, iPad and more will give you fast charging for quick charge 2 and 3 devices. You can even charge 3 phones at once with this and has high capacity.

Turn smartphone off to Charge Faster

When you have so many people calling, texting and apps working in the background its hard to get the fast charging speeds because your battery is being used as your charging. 

Fast charger apps 

There are many apps that will help you charge faster. 

The super fast charging app says it will help you charge faster than normal. They have gotten a lot of 5 start reviews so you should give this a try.  It can also give you a more efficient battery by working in the background of your phone. 

Better charging in your car

The best 2 car chargers to make your phone charge faster are below


1.  Charging LG smartphone?

If you have an LG phone it is very important to note that for some reason with the LG G4 it has quick charge 2.0 inside the device but they actually sent out regular chargers in the retail box.  

The included charger only has 1.8 amps so that will not charge your phone fast at all. A lot of customers are not happy about this either. 

The only good thing is for about 9 dollars you can get a lg quick charger so it will work with it. 

2. Is there more than a few ways to charge your phone faster if you have a samsung s7 edge?

There are about 3 different ways to do this.  You can use a fast portable charger.  You can use samsung quick charger.  Or you can use wireless fast charging. 

The quickest way is to use the fast wall charger though.  It will give you the best speeds.

3. Will using a usb cable make your phone charger faster than a wall charger?  

As we discussed above the usb cable will not charger faster than a wall charger.  There is just not the technology inside a laptop that can do that.  The wall charger will always be faster.

4.  I am not an android user so how to charge your iphone faster with home chargers and car chargers if possible?  

I have seen a lot of posts about get faster charging speeds by turning your phone into airplane mode or turning it off.  Some of us do not have the luxury to do that because our kids could be calling or were on call for work.

Since iphones do not have a great wireless charger available yet we have been looking around to see if some chargers are faster than others.  

Now the iphone does not have qualcomm tech yet but are going to have it in the future I believe.

The best thing to do right off the bat because a lot of iphone users have an ipad is to start using the ipad charger.  That will give you great speeds without having to purchase another charger. 

If you do not have that option than you can purchase an anker charger and that will give you faster speeds than the original apple charger.  So if you ask around how to charge iphone faster and want some great products then look below. 

5. How can you charge phone faster on laptop? 

The only way to do this is with a macbook and iphone together because it recognizes the phone and charges the fastest way possible.


Purgear says you can rapidly charge your iphone with this car charger so we tested it out in our own car and sure enough it did give fast speeds compared to a regular car charger.

The griffin powerblock is another great home adapter option. 

  • 100 to 240 volt AC charger for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in a compact, space-saving design 

6. The huawei y6 pro that has a 4000 mah battery has fast charging but it is taking around 3 hours to get a full charger?

There is something wrong with your phone then because faster charging is available on your phone.  I would first check to make sure the fast charging is on with your phone and if it is then you need to try a different charger.  

If that does not fix the problem then there is a problem with your phone and I would check with your warranty dept.  

7. I have been charging my smartphone for around 5 hours and it is still on 2 percent battery power.  It is not moving higher at all?

I would first check the charger and if that is not it then you have a dead battery that needs to be replaced by the manufacturer.

8. Is it okay to add a higher power battery to your phone and replace the existing battery?

I would say no because that can start a fire like the samsung note7 problem that went on.  

9. The samsung galaxy phones can fully charge within an hour and half but I recently lost that ability?

You might have switched the charge battery faster option under settings.  I would check that first.

10. Can I charge my phone faster with a quick charge 3.0 charger than a 2.0 charger?  

It depends on your phone.  If your phone only has 2.0 technology then a 3.0 will still charge at 2.0 speeds.  

Only newer phones have the 3.0 technology in them.  The recently released s8 and s8+ have 2.0 quick charge.

 11.  How to make your phone charger faster if you need to use it while its charging? 

It will still charge pretty fast but not as fast if you do not use it.

12.  I am using a mophie portable battery charger and want to know if there is a faster portable solution?


The fastest portable one is the anker powercore.  It is also the best price on battery chargers as well. 

13. What motorola phones can you charge battery faster with because the older ones dont have fast charge? 


moto z² force edition

moto z² play

moto z force droid

moto z droid

moto z

moto z droid

moto g⁴ plus

moto g⁴

have fast charging techology in them.

 14.  Do the moto g3 and the moto g4 have a faster way to charge?

These 2 phones do not because they dont have the qualcomm tech in them.  You will only get 2a speeds.



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