Best Anker Wall Charger is Powercore Battery Pack( without qualcomm quick charge 3.0)

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Anker is pretty much a household brand now.  They have been making some of the best battery packs for years now. Now they have made the powercore  5000 fusion which is basically a wall charger and a battery pack into one unit you can take on the go with you that can be used with usb or anker usb c.  It does not have anker quick charge 2.0 or anker quick charge 3.0 though which some customers dont like.

The powercore 5000 fusion looks like a regular wall charger but it is not just that.  It has a 5000mah battery inside so you can not just use this at home but also on road trips to keep your smartphone powered. 

So why would you need a battery pack wall charger like this.  First off now you dont have to carry your wall charger and the battery pack to and from the office.  You have both of those devices in one unit which means less to carry and less to worry about. You know how having all those chords can be.  Very frustrating so this can help a little. You will need this is usb type c becomes the new standard because this is universal and can be used as a anker usb c charger. 

Beyond that you don't actually need that usb cable as this will charge right in the wall outlet (you need cable to charge phone).  Making less clutter and improving your houses or office appearance with less chords.

As a note 5 smartphone user its def a hassle to have to keep those usb chords around my desk. They look awful so this device is something I will switch to for a few of my rooms and office.  The only draw back is it is not wireless charging like my samsung wireless charging stand and it does not fast charge my phones.  That is something to think about when getting this device. 

What is fast charging exactly.  If you have heard about qualcomm quick charge 2.0 or 3.0 then you know that is the technology inside a smartphone and also inside the charger which helps it run at very quick charging speeds.

This is usually in most anker devices but the for some reason they did not put it in the powercore 5000.   If you check out the description of this anker does describe it as a high speed charger but it does include qualcomm in it. Anker's exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost its says delivers some of the fastest speeds but by customers feedback I can tell you that it actually does not delivered the fastest speeds.  Without qualcomm it just cannot deliver that. It states it takes 2.5 hours to charge your phone and itself which is not to bad anyway.

Anker Powercore 5000 Pros

  1. Can replace your wall charger and your need for an extra travel battery.
  2. Does not take to long to charge up your smartphone
  3. Can charge your device without being inserted into the wall while traveling
  4. Plenty of power to charge a tablet and also charge my smartphone at the same time
  5. Charge multiple apple iphones at once. Even on the go as well.
  6. Replaces my battery pack and wall charger and the size is not to bad for my note 5 smartphone.
  7. On a trip to las vegas I was able to charge my device right no the plane.
  8. Super fast charge ( not as fast as samsung) and keeps my laptop powered on the go at my college
  9. The best iphone 6s and fastest charge I have ever owned.

Anker Charger Cons

  1. Could not really find many as we get the info from online customers
  2. Only one was customer stated plastic was cheap. 

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