Perego Battery Volt Drop

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Perego Battery Volt Drop

Peg Perego is one of the top brands in the manufacturing of kid toys and ride. There is time in which new battery is needed. Your choice may be to buy the battery from Peg Perego or one other licensed dealer, but this option is quite expensive than the others. The option is to replace the battery inside or with a protective cover. If you want to save some cost on your purchase, you will discover that there is no need to remove the entire system. You will find out in this article the type of changes you will go through once you decided to use this method.

You may end up saving up to 50% in capered to the original Peg Perego battery system.

Peg Perego 12 Volt Battery   

The 12-volt battery is widely used for Turf Tractor and motorcycle. There are two primary 12-volt batteries in us today, the IAKB0501 that is 12volt and 12 Ah and the IAKB0014 that is 12Volt and 8Ah. These cells can be found in the turf and their toys.  The smaller battery has a hold down bar and rectangular plastic used. The larger battery does not have the hold down bar or the rectangular plastic.  It's essential to check the one you have before getting a replacement.  The smaller battery with 8ampres is the one that comes with the John Deere toys, but that is not always the case always. The significant difference between the 12AH and 12 Ah batteries is the physical width.

There is upgrade for each of the battery.  The IAKB0501 replacement is nothing less than 12% of capacity. The IAKB0014 replacement is with 9Ah rather than the usual. The battery we want to replace should be the same shape as those we have before. And if the size is more than that you should then upgrade the smaller battery to the bigger one.

Gaucho vehicles make use of two 6V 12Ah batteries that are connected in series to give a 12V connection (IAKB0508). The wire used for the connection is four leads and not two. We always advise using two of the UB6120 6 volt 12 amp hour batteries on such system rather than utilizing 12volt of the same size.

Opening the Blue Cover

A flat head screw driver will be needed to open this blue protective safety cover. The battery has wire, with a protective cover. This cover has a side, bottom, and top straps.

  1. Select the one with one strap side and position your flathead screw driver to the place it's on the top part of this cover (this will be between the battery and the strap). Make use of the screwdriver to pop out of the battery. A narrow rivulet is something that is connecting the battery or the flaring bolt which is meant to go in then it came out; thus preventing children from opening the cover.
  2. You will have to make use of the battery inside of the protective cover. Disconnect the slide on wires that are connecting the terminals. You will remove the faulty battery and replace it with a Peg Perego battery and connect the terminals (with the slide on wires).
  3. Then use the slide on wires to connect the battery to the ride-on-toy.

Additional 12V Information

Breakage – If you need a protective cover for your battery you can get it from a dealer closest to you. The plastic protective cover is just plastic that does not include any wire or battery. We have a cover that only fit 12V 12Ah (12V 15Ah) batteries and those that are not smaller than IAKB0014. This allows you to slide in the battery via the case side rather than opening the case through the front strap.

Upgrade – You can choose to upgrade your IAKB0014 8-amp Peg Perego battery to a battery that will last long like the 15-amp types. The original wire that comes with the battery must be used in this case and make sure you buy the blue case along with the upgraded battery (UB12150) battery.

Second Battery – We will not advise you to buy a second replacement battery.  If you want to use the Peg Perego 12V battery as a second battery, You will need to open the protective cover several times for the battery to work, which is not a natural process and an alligator charger clamp lamp will be required. Ensure you get an original battery when you want to get a spare battery always that will switch out when it drains down. You can get a good battery system for $70 or more.

How long does it take to charge a 12-volt car battery?

The battery needed 48 amperes per hour which will be divided by 10 amperes charging will take about 4 and half hour to recharge the battery. The three stage automatic 12-volt charger is recommended for the car battery charging.


What is the duration of charging a tractor battery?

You can charge the battery for 10 amperes per hour.  If the rating of your charger is low, we would recommend you charge for a longer time. It will take 2 amperes battery to charge a tractor battery for 5 hours.

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