Best Wireless Chargers for the Galaxy S8 and s8 plus

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For all you samsung lover's out there ( me included) the s8 and s8 plus is really the most talked about release I can ever remember. From the display to specs to the great accessories samsung is releasing, were do we start.  

The samsung galaxy s8 has wireless charging ( sorry apple fans). Samsung has released one of the best wireless chargers ever alongside the s8 this april.

There are more than just samsung phones that will allow for wireless charging.  To check ask your carrier if your phone has qi or pma technology in the smartphone and if it does than you know you have wireless charging capabilities then.

What is great about the s8 and s8 plus is you do not have to worry about buying a qi or pma wireless charger because it comes with both technology.  Before only att smartphones had the pma technology and it was confusing to know what to purchase. 

When the s6 came out samsung also release the wireless pad for s6.  It did not have fast charging but it was great to have wireless charging for that phone.  When the note 5 was release samsung also release its first fast wireless charger for note 5.  I think now everybody uses the fast charging technology from qualcomm called quick charge 2.0 or 3.0 depending on what you have.

With s8 wireless charging you now get speeds a lot faster than what you were accustomed to with the s5 galaxy. 

With so many quick charge 2.0 wireless chargers available it can be confusing to know what would be great for your smartphone.  We have tested and come up with the best wireless charger for your s8 and s8 plus below.

s8 wireless charging

Samsung Wireless S8 Convertible Charger is the Best

The advancement of qi wireless charging is moving fast and samsung is still at the head of this technology change. The s8 wireless pad can give you fast speeds while still looking stylish for a wireless charger. 

You can purchase it in gold or black right now and the price is around 89.99. I personally have one at my office desk and also at home for quick rapid charging of my s8 plus smartphone.  

What is great about this is all the samsung oem s view cases work great with the samsung galaxy s8 wireless charger convertible. 

There are some different features with this s8 charger as well.  You can use it flat like the older wireless pad or you can have it upright on your desktop for the ultimate 4k hdmi s8 streaming view.  It is easy to change from both positions as well. 

The material is the best on any wireless charger as well.  

Samsung is so far a head of the competition in wireless charging that we did not want to put any other ones on this list but for the price you can get some we have added a few to think about. 

Samsung Wireless Dex Station Charger

The 2nd best wireless charger for the galaxy s8 from samsung that is releasing this april is the dex station which is a new product release from samsung.  They have never really made this type of accessory in the past.

The best part about this wireless charger is not the fact that you can charge your s8 without chords but is the fact that you can turn your phone into a desktop computer with microsoft software as well.

You do not have to worry about having the correct ports either. Samsung did an excellent job by including most ports that are on a laptop or desktop computer.  A lot of people now might say but I don't use a computer but you would be surprised by how many people actually still use them.  Myself I could not work anyway but with a desktop computer so this will come in handy.

If your a traveling salesman this would work great.  You don't have to do your work on a heavy laptop you have to lug around the airport and you do not have to use the hotel computers which probably are not really safe for putting passwords into.  With the dex samsung station s8 you can just use the monitor and plug this in as your own desktop computer setup.

You will get the full desktop experience with wireless samsung charging included. There is even a fan to keep your s8 galaxy device cooled just like a laptop does or desktop. You can open multiple different windows to keep track of webpages easily with chrome.

You can access your home desktop remotely. So if you have saved a word document at home and need to access at your hotel then you can easily do this. 


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