To Charge Faster Use the Original Charger

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Does your samsung phone say to charge faster use the original charger that came with your smartphone?  I hear a lot of customers state this and from what we see on a daily basis there are a ton of sellers on ebay right now selling counterfeit samsung chargers and that is probably the main problem this is happening.

Those samsung chargers you see for 8 dollars are counterfeit.  How do I know this because the samsung distributors sell them for around 7.50 at the cheapest so this are not oem.

Say you have an s8 and your smartphone is saying use an original charger than you it is most likely the charger that is the problem.

First thing I would do is check to make sure the charger way is clear of any junk that might have gotten in there.  This could make your samsung charger not read correctly.  If that is not the problem then I would check to make sure your cable is not bent.  If that does not fix the problem then use somebody else's charger in the house to see if it is a charger or if it is your smartphone that is the problem.

If you are using a 3rd party charger than that could be the issue but if you purchased a samsung charger online make sure it is oem.  You do not want to use non oem chargers because they can cause a fire. 

If you have to contact the place were you purchased the charger I would ask them if there an authorized reseller and see if they have the credentials to sell these chargers.

Another thing to look for if you purchase recently and you want to charge your phone faster and make sure it is an original charger is to see were the charger was made.  Most new samsung adaptive fast chargers are made in vietnam now instead of china.  This wont always be the case but i can help a little bit.

We at fastbatterycharger are an authorized reseller of samsung chargers so you can rest assure knowing you get oem quality all the time for all brands we sell.


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