Best Oem Samsung Rapid Charger

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The best oem samsung rapid charger available to purchase right now is the usb fast adaptive samsung charger.  This fast charger is made to work great with all your galaxy smartphones.  Even if they do not have fast charging in them it will still work great.

The samsung fast charger comes with a fast usb cable as well which many other quick chargers I have seen do not come with. That alone can save you around 7 extra dollars. 

So far we have tested this charge with the s7, s7 edge and the note 5 and the speeds you get are just as good if not better than any other charger we have seen.  There are qualcomm quick charge 3.0 ones out there but you cannot get any faster than the 2.0 because that is in all galaxy phones right now. You will get the 2.0 speeds still though with the 3.0 charger's.

The fast charger samsung made that came along the s6 when it was first released was charging that phone to 50 percent battery power in 30 minutes.  To compare that with the s5 you would have gotten that in around 3 and half hours.  These batteries do deplete fast though so I am glad they came out with this.

Now that most batteries can not be removed easily this is a great and probably a feature that had to happen.  



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