Samsung Fast Battery Charger Price

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Samsung Fast Charger Price



When you look online your going to see a lot of different samsung fast charger pricing.  The reason the price is so different is because some of these fast chargers come in bulk packaging and some come in retail packaging. Theres also the counterfeiters out there that can have low ball pricing you have to watch out for.

Samsung fast charger retail price will always be higher than the bulk packaging. One thing to note about retail is counterfeiter's tend to not make the retail packaging because it is harder to get into the countery like this. They usually always sell bulk.  This does not mean your samsung fast charger is counterfeit if it is in bulk though because authorized distributors sell these in bulk as well. Just something to note.

Most samsung fast chargers are made in vietnam now as it looks like samsung has changed this because of the counterfeit problem. 


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