Usb Type C Are The New Standard Charger

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Usb Type C are New Type Chargers

I will explain usb type c charger from motorola and more great brands.

Over the past mobile revolution most phones used usb charging cables (except apple iphones) but now it looks like manufacturers are changing over to a new standard which is usb type c. Some iphone lovers are asking if there changing over to usb-c but it is not totally clear yet if they are.  

Samsung actually switched over to usb c cable but that was short lived because of the nation wide recall of the note7.  Motorola has made the usb c switch and they have a very powerful quick charge 3.0 device called Motorola TurboPower 30. This likely means any new motorola turbo charger made will be usb c standards and not the old usb cables your used too.

Before we explain further let me tell you that there a few motorola turbo chargers that use usb only and not usb type-c so watch out when purchasing a charger online.

Motorola Charger

Before the switch to usb type c motorola chargers basically all used usb chords for charging only. Most older model chargers did not have the quick charger in them as well but that has all changed.  Motorola now makes quick charger 2.0 and also qualcomm quick charge 3.0 ( with usb type c).


You want to make sure your new moto smartphone is usb c compatible which will work with the motorola turbopower 30 quick charge qualcomm 3.0 device.  The older usb chords will not work with the most recent moto smartphones.

  •  usb-c cable charger can charger at very fast pace.
  • works with all usb type c enabled smartphones even non motorola smartphones
  • Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid motorola new phones.

Type-C is becoming new standard charger

The new usb type c is actually the best out there.  It allows you to put it into your smartphone either way unlike the standard usb cable were it only goes into the phone on one side.  The usb-c cable is universal so it can go in 360 degrees. The new usb type c technology is way faster and more convient. 

Phones using usb typ c

  1. Google pixel and pixel xl use usb type c 
  2. LG V 20 uses usb-c adapter as well lgs flagship smartphone
  3. One plus 3t from cheaper android phone
  4. Honor 8 smartphone and this will work with motorola turbo charger usb-c

Usb Type C Video

TurboPower 15 Usb Type C Moto Charger

Here is another great moto turbo charger usb type c adapter for newer model smartphones. It packs 17w usb-c fast charger specs with qualcomm quick charge.

Fast Charge universal turbopower gives you speed charging when you have to have your phone powered up. 

In the box you will find a warranty card , turbopower 15 charger.

Get a burst of battery power  that keeps you from losing battery juice

The TurboPower 15 usb-c wall charger gives you a lot of power in just a few minutes of charging. We tested and boy does it really give you fast juice. 




LG G5 Usb Type C Fast Charger

Lg added a twist to there usb c cable as they added fast charging like motorola did.The LG (MCS-H05WD) Fast Charge USB Type-C Wall Charger is made by lg and made to work great with your lg g5.  This usb c cable charger will keep you powered to browse you social media accounts or watch your youtube videos. You can move all your data to your laptop with the detachable USB Type-C cable. Cable can be used with any usb- c devices and with the expanding number of devices that have a USB Type-C port, including the LG G5. 

Key Features:

  • OEM LG wall charger usb type c adapter
  • Charges fast
  • Oem and perfect to take on the road
  • Type c adapter included with wall charger
  • Comes in retail


Compatible Devices
Lg G5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nokia N1 Tablet, OnePlus 2, Most USB Type C Devices
Manufacturer Part Number
Recommended Use
Connector Type
USB Type-C / USB-C


Customer Questions for LG G5 Usb type c charger

1. For fast charging usb type c do you have to use the original cable that came with the lg g5 smartphone? Yes you should be using an oem quality lg cable that came with the phone. I would not use off brand chargers anymore as they can be dangerous.

2. Is this for sure a fast charger for the lg g5?  Yes this will fast charge your lg g5 smartphone. If you having a problem with your phone saying fast charge than you probably have sold a non oem brand one. 

3. I have an old cable that is not a type c charger and would like to know if you have to use a type c with the new lg g5 smartphone? Yes lg switched over to type c adapters and that has to be used unless you have a convortor to change your old usb cable into a usb type c one.

4. Is this the same usb-c that comes with the phone that tmoble was selling.  Yes it is same oem brand.

Usb type c and lightning cable

It seems like everybody is moving to fast charging and wireless technology faster than apple is.  Before we get into that I wanted to discuss the need is still there for cables because of transferring say your itunes music which is stored on a pc or you have to move pictures to a pc so you do need these cables still. From what I have witnessed as a fast battery charger seller is everybody is making usb type c chargers now and it could be the industry standard.  Apple is the first to us a charger that goes in either way unlike usb were you had to make sure it was going in the smartphone correctly. 

PowerCore+ 20100 USB Type C

High End Portable Fast Battery Charger with 20100mah battery power. Powercore plus usb type c 20100 mah is a product I think you should have in your household. One of the problem's I am always facing is that I run out of battery with my samsung laptop and this is the perfect fix for that.  I do not have to worry about being next to an outlet and I still get the battery juice I need. 

This is usb-c compatible and will also work with your macbook.

Powercore will give your devices the fastest charge out there which you will like. With usb-c you can charge your device and go to bed and now when you wake up your device will be ready.

With the high mah inside this powercore usb type c adapter you can charge your devices around 7 times.  

Beside's being a great portable battery charger you also get the 3 chords which nowadays not every brand gives you.  With a great design you cannot go wrong purchasing this product.

With the release of the nintendo switch there is no better backup battery device than this anker usb-c. 

Samsung Usb type C Chargers

With the release of the latest samsung smartphone the s8 there comes a brand new usb type c charger the 

Samsung 25W Fast Charging (AFC) Travel Charger With Type C - White

With new 25W USB-C Fast Charge technology, your battery can go from zero to up to 50% in about 30 minutes, which will help you get your usb c adapter phone charged faster so you can get back to business. The 25W USB-C Fast Charge wall charger will charge your s8 and s8 plus  and other USB-C devices without the Fast Charging feature as well, with up to a 2 Amp charging rate.
The Samsung Wall Charger also comes with a detachable USB to USB-C cable, which gives you the option to charge your s8 or s8 plus from your laptop or desktop pc.  You can sync and transfer files with your s8or any other smartphone using the USB-C cable pretty easily.

Samsung Travel Charger usb Type C 15W - White

The samsung usb type c wall charger can be plugged into any standard wall outlet via the included AC adapter, and its small shape allows you to take in travel pretty easily by finding a spot in your breifcase. Samsungs new usb type c wall charger allows you to charge faster than other options and get back to business. This Samsung charger has a standard output of 2 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger.

  • Uses Fast Charge technology to charge your compatible device's battery from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes
  • Charge other USB-C devices at up to a 2A speed


USB-C to HDMI Adapter, Black

With the launch of the samsung s8 comes the change to usb-c adapter for charging.  With this usb-c to hdmi adapter you will be able to watch all those movies and pictures that you have stored on your samsung galaxy s8 and other usb c type smartphones.

This device basically is supporting signals up to 4K at a 60Hz refresh rate with usb type c adapter smartphones.


Samsung Car Adapter Mini C-Type - Black

The samsung fast car charger usb-c for s8 can plug into any standard car outlet. Samsungs quick charge car charger can power your device pretty fast just like the adaptive wall chargers, so you can make calls, browse your youtube videos or search on . This Samsung charger has an output of 2 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger. 

  • Charge your compatible Samsung Fast Charge device from 0-50% in about 30 minutes.*
  • Great speeds and nice design this is releasing with the greatest phone on the planet the s8 and s8 plus and comes with usb type c adapter. 


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