Dual Lightning Cable Belkin Lightning Audio and Charge RockStar Headphone Splitter

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Dual Lightning Cable from Belkin Lightning Audio and Charge RockStar Headphone Splitter

The Dual Lightning Cable came when Apple’s dropping of the headphone port from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus did not go down well with even its most diehard fans. Users complain of reduced functionality since they have to plug their headsets into the Lightning port, and cannot charge their phones while doing so. While users can switch to Bluetooth headsets, these also need charging from time to time.

Belkin headphone splitter has provided a solution to this problem with its Lightning Audio and Charge RockStar.

The RockStar’s headphone splitter design is good, since it is practical and portable. A cable connects a Lightning jack and two Lightning ports. Users can plug in and use their headsets while simultaneously charging their phones. The RockStar is compact. The cable is short, just 3.25 inches long, so it can be slipped into a pocket with ease. Belkin has made the RockStar with white plastic that teams well with Apple’s white accessories.

The RockStar can be used in the car, in the home and on the go. 12W pass-through charging allows users to charge their Apple devices at maximum speed. The RockStar supports Lightning audio up to 48 kHz, 24-bit audio output, so users are assured of high quality sound. It also supports remote and mic control.

The Belkin Lightning Audio and Charge RockStar earphone splitter  works well with the Apple headsets. It certainly provides users with additional flexibility since it can be used with any Apple product that has a Lightning port. Users can charge their iPads as well as their iPhone 7s on the Belkin. They can also charge their Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencils simultaneously with its Lightning ports.

While the Belkin Lightning Audio and Charge RockStar  earphone splitter gives users flexibility and increased functionality, this is only up to a point. After all, the RockStar was designed primarily as a Lightning splitter. This means that two users can’t use their headsets on it simultaneously. RockStar’s ports are solely limited to charging and audio. Users have limited connectivity, since they can’t connect their devices to their Lightning flash drives through it.

Does the Belkin Lightning Audio and Charge Rockstar give users value for money? The price, at $39.99 is probably justified if users want to use their headsets all day while not draining their batteries. The RockStar is certainly more practical for on the go use than a dock. According to Belkin the RockStar was designed in close consultation with Apple, so it would have paid Apple a licensing fee for the ‘made for iPhone’ certification.

To sum up, the Belkin Lightning Audio and Charge Rockstar gives users what they want; flexibility, functionality up to a point, on the go usage and compact, practical design. It is compatible with Apple devices that use the Lightning port and it does have the right certification. The RockStar is ideal for users looking for a practical dual purpose accessory for their iPhone 7. It is well made and compact, and does what it’s designed to do. What’s not to like?

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