Qi Wireless Charging 2017-2018

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Qi wireless charging helps because the thing you hate most is probably all those wires all over your house and desktop.  What a mess I have to deal with all the time because I am using wired electronics everywhere in my household.  From the desktop speakers to the wall chargers it never ends. There have been some cool accessories that help keep the wires intact but there still there.  I wish we could just somehow get rid of all of them.  Wireless charging technology is getting better and better.

With samsung in the lead with the best qi wireless charging and apple not even in the game yet we should see much improvement over the next couple of years with this great technology. If you have ever used a wireless charger for your smartphone than you know it can be a nice little tech piece to have around.  You can easily put your phone down on it without fumbling to attach the wall charger.  You will love qi charging if you have not tried it yet.   Even though the pad has to be charged into a wall outlet there still wireless because the phone does not have to be plugged in. 

Not all smartphones support the wireless charging feature though and you want to make sure your phone will support qi wireless charging before you waste your money. For example the s5 did not come with qi charging but you can buy a wireless case so it will work with the charging pad.  

A question we get a lot at fastbatterycharger is will the wireless charger allow the smartphone to charge as fast as the wall adapter.  The answer to that is no.  The wall charger will charge faster than a wireless charger. 

Before we get into the best wireless chargers we will show you how they work.

How Does Qi Wireless Charging Work?

The one thing I hate is having to fumble around with those chords.  At night when I am extremely tired it is so easy to just set your smartphone down on the wireless pad and let it charge.  It even knows when to stop charging so your battery does not get ruined. In the morning when you wake up you can just grab your charged up phone and get on with your day. Really simple now chords and great easy wireless charging.

How can you qi wireless charge your phone and how does it work?

You basically need a smartphone that has the wireless charging capabilities and you also need a wireless charger that is compatible with the smartphone you want to charge.  For example the new samsung galaxy s8 that just came out actually has pma and qi technology so you will just need to purchase a qi wireless charger or vice versa. 

Here you can find more info about qi https://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/products/ 

We get a lot of customers asking if you can wireless charge with a case on? 

There is no easy answer to this except I know for a fact because we are an authorized samsung reseller that if you purchase and oem samsung case it will work with the samsung wireless charging adapters.  Others you would have to check with the maker of the wireless charger or case manufacturer.

How does the qi wireless charging pad get setup?

You can setup up your pad were you want it be in your house or office. Probably somewhere you can set your phone down and pick up pretty easy.  The charger wireless pad has to be plugged into an outlet but the smartphone can then just be put down on it and it will charge.  You want to check how many coils the charger has though because the less the harder it is to align the smartphone on it and start wireless charging.

*Important Please make sure your using an oem type adapter of a brand name you trust. 

What Android Phones Support a Qi Charger.  The following are qi enabled phones


  • Blackberry Priv 
  • Moto Z (with Mod)
  • Moto Z Force (With Mod)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active 
  • Samsung Galaxy s8
  • Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus

If your phone is not listed above then most likely you will need an adapter to make your phone wireless charge compatible. Such phones are as follows

  • iphone 4
  • iphone 5
  • iphone 6
  • iphone 6s
  • iphone 7
  • iphone 7s
  • samsung s3
  • samsung s4
  • samsung s5
  • samsung note 2
  • samsung note 3

 Best Wireless Chargers

Samsung  Qi Charging Pad for Wireless ChargomgConvertible s8 and more

The wireless s8 convertible charging pad is called this because you can actually use laying flat as a pad or stand.  Basically if you want to use it to fast charge your devices you can lay it flat so it is easy to charge just by setting down or if you prefer to have it upright while your streaming on your device you can do that as well. 

This is perhaps the most stylish of any wireless charger our there. It is really pretty and the price is def worth it. 

It can also charge faster than other wireless chargers available. 

In the box

  1. Samsung wireless convertible s8 charger
  2. Samsung usb-c adapter
  3. Samsung usb-c cable
  4. Instructions

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand

The qi wireless charging  wireless stand from samsung is priced really great actually.  For under 50 dollars you can get a great piece of technology for your smartphone. It has the fast charging you want with speeds of around 1.4 times faster than normal.  

Another great feature is you can put your qi wireless device sideways and watch or stream content from your device and it looks great.  You can also stand it upright as well to keep track of incoming calls.

In the box

  1. Samsung wireless charging stand
  2. Samsung usb fast charger cable
  3. Samsung usb fast charger adapter
  4. Instructions for qi wireless charging

Wireless Phone Pad Charger from Samsung

Yes I know what your saying about samsung having 3 of the top spots for phone charger wireless tech products.  The truth is nobody is even close to making any wireless charger that is on par with samsung so yes there you have it.  Samsung is the top 3.  We will get in to some more wireless chargers though so you can pick from price and other descriptions of products as well.

The wireless pad will help you in so many ways.  The wire clutter will be gone.  You can easily place your phone down and with the battery running dry throughout the day its no easier than placing down on a pad.  It is even easier than the stand because you dont have to place it exactly on the pad. 

You get great charging speeds as well which will make you more product and happier. One less thing to worry about throughout your busyz schedule of picking up the kids from school or work. 

In the box

  1. Samsung wireless stand
  2. Samsung fast adapter
  3. Samsung fast usb cable 
  4. Instructions

Anker Fast Wireless Phone Charger PowerPort Qi 10 

This thing is pretty to look at.  Anker seems to make every product look a little bit better than the competition.  

You can get FAST CHARGING speeds with this one but you do need to purchase a fast anker adapter seperately so you are looking at being more expensive than the samsung pad after you purchased that.  The samsung one comes with the adapter.

My favorite part is that it lights up nicely for you so you know its charging. Has a blue led light.  

You get 10w power which will work with your s8 or s8 plus.  Works great with my note 5 and older model samsung galaxy phones as well.

We tried the quick charge 3.0 anker adapter and that did not actually give us any faster speed than the samsung quick charge 2.0 adapter.  That is interesting to know.  When for say the s8 only has 2.0 speeds you will not get faster speeds if you get a 3.0 qualcomm quick charger  from anker.

To give you an example of the speeds we put the s8 plus on the pad and there was 85 percent battery power.  When we put the wireless phone on the charger it showed it would be fully charged in 31 minutes so that is not bad for a wireless charger.

Just so you know the adapter will always charge faster than a wireless charger. 

 In the box

  1. 3 feet usb cable
  2. 1 wireless anker charging pad
  3. instructions

Ventev -  fast wireless car charger charging car kit

The wirelesspro dock brings wireless smartphone charging to your vehicle. This universal, fast, wireless car charger makes it very easy to use wireless charging your your car with basically one touch system.  Included in the Wireless Charging Car Kit is the wirelesspro dock, Ventev 3ft tangle-free chargesync cable and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0 dashport rq1300. 

If your in line for a wireless car dock with a great brand name than this is item you want to purchase.  It does not get any easier than this.  You do not have to fuss with the chords all over the front of your car and you get wireless charging that works great with the s8 and s8 plus. 

iOttie QI Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad for Samsung S8/ and older Samsung Modles with qi

Unlike the anker qi wireless charger that only has one coil the iOttie wireless charger has 3 coils which allows you to not have to line up your smartphone as much when setting it down.

Incorporates a led like light that shows you your charging. Great because sometimes you dont want to hassle with turning your screen back on to see. This allows for more convience.

Has a ring in the center of the qi charger so your s8 or s8 plus does not fall off. You know how much money you had to dish out for that so this is a nice featurer for extra smartphone protection against drops.

The ion (iottie quick charge name) wireless charging pad has around 5v/2a input. For an explanation of that the best I could find was this post on quoro . 


Qi Wireless Compatible

Features Qi Standard Wireless Charging for Qi enabled devices like the Galaxy S6/ Galaxy S6 Edge, Google Nexus 5/4, LG G3, Motorola Droid MAXX/Mini, HTC Droid DNA/8X, Nokia Lumia 920/928, s8 s8 plus s7 and s7 edge and older model samsung devices ( extra parts needed)  S5/S4/S3/Note 3/ Note 2.

What's in the box?

  • iON Wireless Charging Pad
  • Smartphone Power Adapter
  • Micro USB Cable 
  • Manual

Apple Iphone 8 Wireless Charging

lol not yet apple wireless chargng fans but hopefully in the future we can add them here.  They seem to be slow to adopt new technology 

What will iphone wireless charging look like well here is a review.

While there is many rumors going around about apple and wireless charging there is no for sure answer yet.

Apple has joined Wireless Power Consortium which is the center of the universe for wireless charging licenses. 

Being that they signed up means the are looking into the technology and will probably make a qi wireless debut with the iphone 8 coming in september I believe 


Trident Electra Qi Wireless Power Pad Onyx Leather

Leather that is correct.  If you love those really nice s8 leather cases that are out.  I mean the real leather ones not the china fake ones then you will really like this.

Probably the best material on any of the wireless chargers we tested.  It looks very stylish and trident is really a great brand name in the wireless industry.  

We think it is very important to only purchase from trusted brand names because there is a fire hazard from parts and chargers that are cheaply made that can start problems.

This is priced right and has a great slim design that will look great on your desktop. 

Comes with everything you need as wall no need to purchase an extra adapter or usb cable as they are in the retail box.













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