Qi Wireless Charging for Samsung S8 Galaxy Wireless Fast Charger Convertor Adaptive Quick Charge

Qi Wireless Charging for Samsung S8 Galaxy Wireless Fast Charger Convertor Adaptive Quick Charge

  • $39.99

  1. qi wireless charging with Fast quick charge 2.0  for your galaxy s8 and other model samsung phones
  2. Use your wireless charger as a pad or as a stand for movie viewing

The best s8 qi wireless charger available

Charge your Qi wireless charging enabled device s8 or other samsung models without connecting the device to a port or cable. This stylish wireless charging pad is the best pad available. This great design enables switching between using the wireless charger as a charging pad or stand and looks great while its charging your device. 

You will love having this for your galaxy s8 device to keep it charged throughout your workday or on the weekend's while your out and about shopping.



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  • will this galaxy fast charging pad work with the s8 and the s8 galaxy plus phone

    This is a wireless charger for galaxy s8 and s8 plus.

  • When I purchased my s6 and s7 edge for my family they came with the samsung fast chargers. When I purchased the samsung wireless charging pad with 2a wall charger it worked pretty nice for both. I seen in the news recently though the s8 and was not working with the older model wireless chargers. Is it gonna work with the galaxy s8 wireless charger. Also does the galaxy s8 wireless charger come with a usb-c samsung charger as well.

    Hi, yes this will work with the galaxy s8 wireless charger for s8 and s8 plus.  It also comes with the s8 chargr usb-c adapter for fast charging.

  • The wireless convertor charger is that a wireless charger for note 7 or note fan edition. I have been searching online for the best wireless charger for my note and want to know if this is okay to work with that phone

    This will work as a wireless note fan charger.

  • What is the best wireless charging for mobile phones available

    There are some great chargers for your galaxy phones.

    The wireless qi charger from samsung that is called the convertor is one of the best ones available.  I also like the samsung gold wireless stand that is available as well.