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If you were in line to purchase a samsung fast charger or lg phone in the last year than you probably received a samsung fast quick charger in the box as well and now know how to charge your phone faster than ever before.  I am going to help you understand exactly what a quick charger is and how it works as I first learned about it from the galaxy note 4 charger that came with my brand phone and  when I was looking on ebay for a new charger for my phone. So if your looking for how to charge your phone faster your at the right spot.

Before I move on to quick chargers I wanted to talk a little bit about older model chargers that worked with the s4, s5 or note 5 type smartphones. These smartphones are actually a little smart because when the regular chargers were plugged into them the phones knew when the charging period was done and would actually stop charging. A little smart but not fast charging as many of you know how long it used to take.

While some speeds of quick chargers are exaggerated most charge your battery faster than previous models at around 4 times faster (3.0 quick charge). At those speeds that can be as much as 2 times faster than quickcharge 1.0 and about 38 percent better than quick charge 2.0 speeds.  Most android phones will allow you to use this tech and charge your phone faster.  There a few different names for this tech but the most used is Qualcomms quick charge 3.0  .  Basically what a quick charger does is it allow you to get your phone charged a lot faster than older model chargers.  So is it worth it to purchase a quick charger and is your phone compatible with them?  We will answer this in our post.

Were going to test and talk about the best samsung fast chargers available on the market today. With technology moving so fast now a days it is hard to keep up with the latest and greatest samsung fast charger for your smartphone.  These fast chargers can be used with not only samsung smartphones but also compatible quick charger smartphones as well so you migh want to tune in even if you do not have a samsung galaxy smartphone. All with some sort of  fast, adaptive, or Turbo charging compatible.

s6 edge samsung fast charger

When I first hear about qualcomm quick charge 2.0 I did not have any idea what it was and wanted to find out fast because I was having problems keeping my note 4 charged up through out the day.  Samsung made the extra battery pack which came in handy but now that I switched to the note 5 and there was not a removal battery, I had to find a solution for that because I am always on the go with 2 kids and my business ventures.

Over the past 7 years in the cellphone industry there have been many new technologies thar have come out and charging your smartphone has really improved over that time period . Just about everyone owns a smartphones and they all need to keep them charged for business or personal reasons.

Everyone used to purchase 5 batteries to keep there phones on because the battery juice would wear out quickly.  There was no fast charging before and it would take 5 hours just to get a full battery.  

There are many choices for the s6  charger out there. From samsung to aukey to anker. It can be a hard decision between choosing what will work best for your phone. When we had made our car chargers for our sfelectronics brand which I admit are extremely slow compared to the new chargers that shipped with the s6 and s6 edge smartphones we did not know about fast charging yet.  I wish we had knew that they were making fast chargers because we were essentially stuck with these slow chargers.  The ones I am talking about are the same ones you see at the conveince stores all around that are overpriced.  With the new Samsung fast charger s6 you get great speeds while in the car charger or while using your travel adapter at home as we will talk about below.

When we set out to do an unbiased review it was kind of hard because we do in fact only sell the Samsung oem ones right now.  The gottabemobile samsung s6 review was pretty good but we're gonna go beyond this fast charge review and put everything together in one place so you know the best fast charge options that are available to you. 

Now with fast charging you can get speeds of 50 percent battery life in 30 minutes.  Technology has grown with qualcomm. I used to use a note 4 and always had to keep the spare battery charger around cause of slow charging .  Not anymore as the newer model samsung phone's have samsung fast charging.   My note 5 gets to 100 percent in about 50 minutes . Same with fast charging the s7 edge. Just as quick . The Samsung fast charger works on the s6 s6 edge s7 s7 edge note 5 and as slow the s6 edge plus.  With fast charging you can choose also between fast wall outlet  charging or wireless fast charging. Both have benefits depending on what you need but we will include different options in our 10 best fast charging pics.  We will show you how to make sure wireless charging is turned on your phone as well. We will also show samsung fast charging prices and we're to get oem ones because there are a lot of counterfeit ones out there.  

Best Fast Charger's 

Best Samsung Fast Charger  ( adaptive fast charger samsung oem) in retail was the key to getting my smartphone juiced up and ready to go.  It is samsung's version of qualcomm quick charger 2.0.  It has the same technology and can power your device with 15 minutes of charging to 30 minutes of battery life.  This should help you get through your workday pretty easily.  There is now quick charge 3.0 which is even faster but I don't want to get a head of ourselves as the samsung s8 will probably have the quick charge 3.0 tech in it's chargers. I have inserted a youtube video of the samsung adaptive fast charger for the s6 and s6 edge so you can take a look and see it in action.

The Samsung Rapid Charger is the best  fast charger on the market today. It boosts the fastest speeds of any charger available. With so many chargers available out there it can be kind of hard to know what's the best.  We have been in the phone business now for 7 years and have noticed between Motorola apple a.d samsung.  Samsung was the least problem charger we have ever sold.  The Samsung fast charger even works great with an iPhone. Just change the chord of course.

  • original samsung fast charger that works great with the note 4,  note 5, s6, s6 edge, s7 and s7 edge
  • samsung usb charger allows for the fastest charging of your samsung galaxy smartphone
  • works with fast charging technology like qualcomm quick charge 2.0 
  • If your in the comfort of your home or at the office this fast charging tech will get you back to work fast.
  • This samsung charger comes with a 4f usb cable
  • best samsung note 4 charger available
  • This is the fast charger samsung makes for there best smartphones.





I tested my note 5 and it had about 4 percent battery life left and it said on the phone that my battery would fully charge in 1 hour and 10 minutes so that is a great improvement. I am glad it came with the Samsung adaptive fast charger and look forward to seeing what comes with the Samsung s8 galaxy smartphone as well.  I think there gonna make the move to usb type c for the s8 samsung.

So our second pick to use as a charger for fast charging is the oem samsung fast charger travel adapter in bulk .  It is the one that comes with your smartphone.  Samsung made this to work great with your galaxy smartphone but it can work with other quick charger compatible smartphones as well.  In about 30 minutes of fast charging you can get your battery back to around 50 percent battery life. 


Next pick is samsung wireless fast charger.  This has wireless fast charging with qi technology.  You get the fast charging without the wires and it is not too expensive either. You can get it for under 50 dollars right now.  I find it very convenient at night when I am ready to go to bed I can just set it on there without having to connect the wires. It is actually an appealing design as well so it looks nice on your night stand.  

You get speeds of around 1.4 times faster than the first samsung wireless charger had.  It is compatible with the late samsung s series,  the samsung note series and the samsung s8 coming out soon. 

Next best is the Samsung dual port fast charger  for your car that samsung released along side the note 7 comes with a USB chord and a USB type c chord . Now we know the note 7 was recalled but this charger will be good for future phones like the s8 because they will be switching to a USB type c adapter and it also comes with USB so you can use it with the s6 s6 edge s7 s7 edge note 5 note 4 .

When I first plugged in the car charger the fast charging  icon came up which is a great way to verify it is authentic .When using a car charger it is very important to.make sure it is oem. The counterfeit chargers can start a fire and the last thing you want is a fire in your car. This has dual usb ports which means you can fast charge 2 phones at once. When I first connected my note 5 the fast charging came on and it said 1 hour 10 minutes to 100 percent battery. That is pretty great speeds.

Next up is the PowerDrive+ 1 with Quick Charge 3.0

This qualcomm quick charge 3.0 anker charger really has some great power.  This is 3.0 but you can still use it with your samsung galaxy smartphones because you will get the fast quick charge 2.0 speeds your looking for. It is one of the best car charger on the market today and will work great with the iphone 7, samsung s8 and earlier samsung phones as well. 

Anker charger for your car comes with great surge protection to keep your device and yourself safe. 

Tiniest car chargers as well for easy storage and looks great in your car.


Quick Charge 3.0 Compatible Devices:

Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / Edge Plus, Note 5 / Note 4 / Edge; Google Nexus 6; Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto X 2014; Sony Xperia Z4 / Z4 Tablet, Z3 / Z3 Compact / Z3 Tablet Compact; LG G4, LG G Flex2, LG V10; HTC One M9 / M8, HTC Desire Eye, HTC One remix; Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note, and more; Asus Transformer T100, Asus Zenfone 2; ZTE Axon Pro; Yota Phone 2; Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad

My favorite part of this samsung smartphone charge made by anker is how fast it can charge your device. Your phone can get 4x faster charging and I am sure you will be happy with that.  And the 18 month warranty who can complain with that as most only give you 12 months. 

Comes with ankers trademark as they call it powerdrive +1 which is exactly as I stated but comes with the qualcomm technology behind it. They have to get a license from them basically. Gives you the faster speeds of charging.

Not limited to smartphones either as you can charge your gps, tablet, cameras and even gaming consoles.

PowerDrive+ 3 Anker Charger

The powerdrive plus 3 anker charger will make everybody in the car happy with 3 usb fast charging ports. Everybody will have there battery life back up an running with this great car charger from anker. 

The design and look is the first thing you will notice when you purchase this.  Right out of the box I noticed the great design.  Probably the best looking anker car charge out there and probably best compared to any other one as well. It is really a stylus car charger and will work great as a samsung fast charger. 

Fastest charging available in this pretty car charger with poweriq and voltage boost which is anker fast charging technology basically. You will see that it has the fastest rates of charging. 

WIth no worry warranty and safe technology you will not be dissapointed in this. 

The anker portable car charger is great  anker car charger for people with a lot of  devices. I currently use this with  my Galaxy note 5 smartphone  as a charger for gps trips when my family goes to floridia every year. The other 2 USB ports are useful to charge my anker portable charger battery pack as well as my wifes iphone ( cable needed seperately and no quick charge) and I can also charge my anker battery pack. Before I purchased this anker car charger I would use the cheap ones you can find on ebay that are made in china and it would take around 6 hours just to charge my smartphone back up.

If you dont mind not having qualcomm quick charge 3.0 then this device is for you. It is cheaper than the quick charge and provides pretty good speeds.

The 3 usb ports fit any cable in there pretty good but I would recommend you get oem cables from well known brands as there bettery quality and they use better parts.

This is a great car charger that I can always depend on working great! It can charge my 3 devices at the same time with great power. I think you will like the led indicator so you know your phone is charging. 





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  • The super fast charger that anger makes works great for my new blackberry motion. It has quick charger 3.0 so the speeds are faster than any samsung devices currently on the market. Even fast than the note 8. That has quick charge 2.0

  • I just purchased the Samsung blue fast wireless charger from best buy. This is a super fast charger and I love the fact that you can just sit your note8 spen at night and not have to worry about the plugs or anything like that .

    When I had the fast charge Samsung oem charger it worked great

    Jason on
  • You can charge faster with the anker brand wall chargers. They work really nice and give you super fast chargi g for the iPhone compared to cheaper versions of them. I love them

    gerry on
  • The super fast charger samsuby makes for the note8 is a little different than the s7 fast charger so make sure if purchased the note 8 that you get a usb type c adapter or it will not work

    john on

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