Best 18650 Battery for Vaping All Night

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Best 18650 Battery for Vaping

Buying a the best 18650 battery  for vaping  can become as tiresome as the vaper itself if you struggle with understanding the specifications and guidelines of the device. The battery constitutes the heart and soul of your mod so getting the best 18650 charger is essential for great use.

While buying vaping batteries, look for three things most of all. First, the price should be reasonable, second, the battery should last long, and most importantly it should be safe to use. The best vape battery charger should be equipped to provide some genuine power in the current world of cloud rivalries, 150 W vape mods and sub-ohm tanks.

Having the correct vaping battery is essential as every battery has its own potential and can only offer some specific current. If you ask more from it, then things can go really wrong. Yes, it can even explode. So, don’t cheap out for buying a good quality battery and equip yourself with good vape gear.

Certainly, cheaper options are always good. But in the case of batteries, it's not about the money. You have to check other specifications too. Cheaper variants often have lower shelf life than others. Always buy a battery with latest hybrid chemistry, high Amps and a battery life that suits your vaping frequency. Here are the features you may want to inquire when buying these batteries.

  • Check the capacity – its expressed in milliamp-hours, mAh. For instance, 3000mAh is basically the amount of charge the battery can hold before discharging, and it also directs how long you can use the mod for before it needs to recharge again. A 3000 milliamps battery would provide 1000 milliamps for 3 hours or 3000 milliamps for 1 hour. And, depending on the mod’s usage, the battery life can be estimated. Battery size can have a great impact on vape quality and the best 18650 battery out there.
  • Check the discharge rate – its expressed in Amp or Amperes. This is a significant factor that makes sub-ohm mod long lasting and safe. Get a battery with more amps than what you mod really needs. This way you will never experience a problem of venting or exploding with branded batteries. However, under current battery chemistry technology available in the market, more the capacity of a battery, less will be its discharging rate.
  • Check for pulse rating as well, sometimes the discharging rate in this mode is double the average discharge rate while in other cases it might be less than usual.
  • Power (Wattage) – its expressed in W. More the current, more will be the wattageà Watts=Volts X Amps
  • Check the weight, if the best 18650 battery weighs less than 40g then it's probably fake
  • Check the operating temperature, the Charged temperature should be less than 50°C and discharge temperature lesser than 75°C.
  • Using lower amp battery with high wattage mod is not recommended since it can overheat the device to explode.
  • Since lithium batteries tend to degenerate with time, try to buy latest products with hybrid lithium chemistry. ICR batteries are generally not recommended, IMR, on the other hand, are a safer alternative. ICR is acceptable for small capacity battery instead of IMR since it has better discharging properties.  Keep this in mind when looking for the best batteries for vaping on the market today.
  • Best batteries for vaping tend to be the same batteries you see at cvs or walgreens so keep that in mind.

Let me give you an example:

MXJO IMR 18650: 3000mAh with 20 A discharge current finds it more difficult to push harder for pulsed hits. Chinese manufacturing companies like MXJO and EFest don’t necessarily offer best performance features over a long run. They certainly outperform Sony or Samsung contemporaries at low sub-ohm use for daily purpose but won't takes a harder load or wattage.

So, first question yourself these questions:

How long do you use mods continuously?

How often you push the short bursts

How often can you charge the batteries?

Do you need it for daily use or occasional use?

Answer these questions as accurately as possible, and you shall be able to predict battery capacity, discharge rate, and wattage. However, the problem is, finding the right vaping battery is difficult. Buy brands that you know and trust because you don’t want to damage your hands or get involved in any accident due to mod malfunction. Some of the popular brands include Panasonic, LG, Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Aspire, and Toshiba. These brand names are trustworthy and represent the best of battery industry in terms of advanced technology and innovation if your looking for a vape 18650 battery.  All these brands make good vape batteries.

To make your life easier, we came up with this list of good vaping batteries with high drain capability ideal for sub-ohm vaping. But, no list can be exactly correct, and the same logic applies here. Often the manufacturers re-wrap batteries from other brands and sell them under their brand name. These rewrapped batteries are usually the rejected pieces from branded manufacturers. They are rejected for a reason, the reason being that they are not safe then why to buy them anyway. For these rewrapped batteries it's easier for sellers to overrate the product specification to entice the customer with a lower price. Also avoid “Fire” batteries, with a promise of extreme capacity > 4000 mAh they don’t retain their quality after a couple of weeks

Here are the brand's names you should stay away from:

  • Efest, MXJO, AW, AWT, Imren, Sigelei, Boost, Ultrafire, Trustfire, EagleTac, Robiton, EH, GTL, Basen, BattEnergy, Fenix, Redilast, Xtar, EnerPower. Phew ! well, folk there more brands of rewrapped battery product lines than I expected. Look for a funny name, a name you haven’t heard before and strike it out of your user list.

Alright, we will cut down the work for you. We have done our best to make the current list and use it wisely before selecting the batteries for your mod. We have basically affixed amp limits, however, to we also focused on capacity while preparing the list. However, I would recommend buying these batteries from vendors that you trust and avoid Chinese clones. The best batteries are made either in Korea or Japan.

Here goes the list of the best 18650-vaping batteries

Samsung INR 18650-30Q

best 18650 battery

This is one of the best 18650 batteries available in the market. It possesses a marginally superior amp limit presenting continuous discharge up to 15 A and a great 3000 mAh capacity. The battery utilizes the chemistry of nickel to good effect (the N in the name represents that), and it performed really well at 20 An during testing. But, it is advisable to adhere to the recommended 15 A max for the purpose of safety. You can just have one for $8.95.  In my opinion this is the best vape battery and the top samsung vape battery out there. 

Samsung 25R is the Best 18650 Battery for Vaping

First off, this model is cheaper than 30Q at merely $5. Even though the capacity is 500mAh lower than 30Q, the discharging current is much higher at 20A that should compensate the difference by increasing the efficiency. This battery is reliable, long lasting and has a decent shelf life too since its chemistry is also INR that are better electrolytes for discharging efficacy. Something that you don’t expect from other Lithium batteries. Therefore, you can fire short bursts for more clouds if you are using dual battery operated mods. When in doubt, go for this option, it will never fail your expectations for the money you pay.


Samsung  20R

This is a very good vaping battery with good reliability and the best e cip battery. While the upgraded version, 25R had a reduced maximum continuous current but increased capacity (2500mAh). But the 20R is still the better companion in terms of the high-drain capability considering the amp limit only. You need to choose between an additional 2A max discharge and 500mAh additional capacity. In most cases, it is better to opt for the extra capacity, but the ultimate decision is yours only depending on the type of vape battery you are looking for. Both the batteries performed well during the testing.

The maximum continuous discharge rating for the Samsung 25R lithium-ion rechargeable battery is typically around 20 amps (20A). This means that the battery can safely provide a continuous discharge of up to 20 amperes without being overtaxed or overheating. It's important to note that exceeding the maximum continuous discharge rating can lead to safety issues, reduced battery lifespan, and potential damage to the battery. Always use batteries within their specified limits and follow safety guidelines when handling lithium-ion batteries.



LG is flooding the market with some of the best 18650 vaping batteries. HD4 is an addition to this list with an amazing maximum continuous current of 25A that it offered during testing. Combined with a strong capacity of 2100mAh it is really one of the best available. Its performance is close to HD2C with regards to its abilities, yet it is better than the seasoned HD2 with longer voltage, keeping ability while discharging, something the vapers will just love to have. Although similar to the HD2C, it is an incredible battery particularly when you are looking for one high amp drain cell for your mod. The price tag is also attractive, only $4 per battery.  The lg hd4 is the longest lasting 18650 battery.

The LG HD4 is a high-drain lithium-ion rechargeable battery commonly used in vaping devices and other applications where high discharge rates are required. The maximum continuous discharge rating for the LG HD4 is typically around 25 amps (25A). This rating indicates that the battery can safely provide a continuous discharge of up to 25 amperes without being overtaxed or overheating.

It's crucial to follow safety guidelines and use these batteries within their specified limits. Exceeding the maximum continuous discharge rating can lead to safety hazards, reduced battery lifespan, and potential damage to the battery. Always consult the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for the specific device you are using the LG HD4 batteries in to ensure safe and proper usage.


LG offers another great vaping battery in the form of HD2C. It is an updated version of HD2, another 18650 battery. While it seems to downgrade as far as maximum continuous current is concerned as per the mentioned specs (20A instead of 25A), testing affirms that most likely the company is underselling it. Practically speaking, the HD2C is also a 25A battery, much the same as the HD2. It also has the similar 2200mAH capacity, although 2100mAH is mentioned. Moreover, it keeps running at a higher voltage in comparison to the HD2. Thus its performance is, in fact, better than the HD2 and can be regarded as one of the best 18650 batteries available for vaping. The price is also reasonable at $4.50. The secret lies in the chemistry of the battery. The new hybrid cell constitutes of lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt oxide that enhances the discharging efficacy of the battery.

LG 18650 HE2/ HE4

This one is another good 18650 battery you can safely use in your mod. LG is offering this 18650 battery, an HE2 and HE4 hybrid with similar specs at the core. It offers a 20A persistent limit of discharge and capacities of 2,500 mAh. The newer model is yellow in colour (LG DBHE41865) that demonstrated great performance during tests at 20 A. However, it experiences a significant drop in capacity while testing at 30A amp-load. It is of course strictly not recommended. There is also a red one (HE2) which is quite a dependable battery and more easily available in the market. As per the claims made by Kidney Puncher, HE2 handled higher currents successfully during tests, but voltage and capacity drop considerably when tested at 30A. As usual, it is best to remain inside the official limit mentioned on the battery. And when a deal like this is available under $10 what more can you ask that is not granted yet. Here’s more: the batteries charge faster and last longer. For instance, if you are using the mod at the sub-ohm coil of 0.5, they can last as long as 3 days which is pretty impressive but even if you use mod at a higher wattage at least one day worth of running time is guaranteed before you have to look for your charger and a power outlet.

Quick note, if you are still in doubt, use HE4 for high amperage cell with great performance.


This is yet another product by LG with 3000mAh, max discharge current: 20A, nominal voltage 3.6V and lull charge voltage at 4.2 V. It has a high drain and high capacity, an upgrade of 500mAh from HE2/HE4 which means you can vape longer and harder. And a wise man once said more is always better.  This battery also costs under $10, and you get more capacity, which is a bargain deal. A product like this is good for those who travel or forget to charge their mod batteries for several days. Make sure you use under sub-ohming range though, this battery tends to lose its capacity under higher wattage. However, owing to lithium manganese chemistry, this battery is a safer alternative than its competitors.

Watch out for this battery design, along with Samsung 30Q, this model might as well be the future of high amperage long-lasting vaping experience.



LG has made our life good with so many options available for vaping batteries. What is so special about this product? First, 30A continuous discharging current that is more than any other leading LG battery in the 18650 range. This means that the mod works longer with more efficiency despite only 1500 mAh capacity. The price is low ($6.50), and other specs are also acceptable given the performance quotient is so much more to a short battery life. I mean, if it is ok for you to charge the batteries every day or every other day depending on usage might as well use a smarter battery than those with lower discharging current and low efficiency.

Sony VTC4 and VTC5

Not surprisingly, the best vaping 18650 battery is produced by Sony, a brand that produced a lot of great batteries in the past. These two batteries are their best products for types of vaping that really drains the battery. Both the batteries have 30A as the maximum current rating. But during testing, it is found that the 5A works best at 25A and the VTC4 at 20A. Both of them can actually withstand higher current under short bursts, as stated on them, yet ideally, they should be run at a lower current to increase their longevity. They are compatible with mechanical as well as regulated mods with sub-ohm vaping experience. The mechanical mod has one circuit while regulated one has two circuits. The first chipset in the circuit drains power out of the batter while the second chipset is responsible for providing a safety short circuit in case of overheating.

An awesome alternative is the short form of VTC4 costing only $23.95 for two batteries. However, in the case, you get the VTC5A that costs only $6.50 per battery at present with the enhanced capacity of 25000mAh firing 0.2 ohms of constant resistance. Sony truly dominates the world of high-draining vaping at sub ohm vaping intensity. Also, VTC5 has m=been tested to have 70% capacity after undergoing a test involving 300 charge-discharge cycles. So, you can expect them to work perfectly fine for at least 1 year. That means paying more for Sony batteries is completely worth it.

Panasonic B and PF

These batteries are the last one on the list because they offer low discharge rate, Bà 4.87A and PFà10 A. The battery life is quite high for both at 3400 mAh and 2680 mAh respectively but they support older technology of NCR chemistry. Here’s the thing, Panasonic is a reliable brand, and those who are satisfied with low discharging rate and don’t necessarily use the pulsed mode can certainly opt for this option.


Alright, let's give away some awards to vaping batteries as per popular demand and expert vaping geeks:

The award for safest battery goes to LG HB6

The award for top performing battery goes to Samsung 30Q

The award for Top selling battery goes to Samsung 25R

The award for Best value battery goes to LG HG2

The award for Best high drain battery goes to LG HE4

The award for Long lasting battery goes to Efest 18650, but wait its re-wrap battery cell isn’t it. I am shocked too. Apparently, the latest EFest batteries are tested, and its ratings are quite reliable and hold true to the cover

There are one more technical award dear vapers!

The award for top charger goes to Nitecore i2







Safety is the primary concern while picking the best 18650 batteries for your vaping. In case you are hoping to draw some good amount of current from your battery, you should choose one that can provide it. You have to comprehend what you are up to. Better you brush up your knowledge of Ohm's law and fire up your vaping machine with the appropriate battery. It is better to be equipped with a dependable vape battery, the bigger amp is better. It is not advisable to push your battery near its limit. Having one of the most suited vape batteries will give you the freedom to smoke around without worrying too much about the prospect of transforming your mod into a so-called pipe bomb.

What makes for a great battery?

  • Just like any other complicated electronic device, keep your mods and batteries away from kids, pets, water, and fire.
  • Don’t charge for too long and don’t wait for the battery to completely discharge before you plug it in the power outlet. Both ways, the battery life gets compromised
  • Use regularly, charge regularly and store properly. Regular use keeps the ions in the battery up and running, ideal batteries tend to lose their capacity over time.
  • Keep a backup battery around and manage their alternative cell cycles for 18650 batteries.
  • Look out for high-temperature Vapes can get warm, that is normal. But if they turn hot, you are probably too hard on them and its time to use a battery with the more discharging rate.
  • Clean your batteries regularly with either a plastic eraser or cloth in addition to weekly vaper maintenance. These points are exposed to high humidity that can harbour harmful microorganisms that may cause infection in the mouth or lungs. Also, if the connection between battery and vaper gets too dirty, it can disrupt the electronic
  • Use a battery compatible charger like XTar or Nitecore, in fact, this tip goes for all rechargeable devices. Chargers having good compatibility with the battery charges them faster. It is a cheaper practice in terms of power consumption and battery life to use true CCCV charger that can prevent overcharging as well as protect the battery from overheating.
  • Some mods are smart, they can detect built-in reversal of polarity and short circuit using a microprocessor. Use them and feel safer around the mods.
  • Also, choose a mod that lets the battery breathe and release heat into the atmosphere via holes around the casing.
  • When not in use, keep your mod locked and avoid unnecessary injuries for these mod batteries

Here’s the thing, vaping is not safe but its safe than smoking. So much so that if we keep ourselves well educated about each component and use them wisely so that these safety issues would not become prominent.


That’s it vapers, enjoy smoking responsibly and thank you for checking out our 18650 battery review. 

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