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So Many Fast Battery Chargers 

If you were in line to purchase a samsung or lg phone in the last year than you probably received a Fast Battery Charger with your phone.  I am going to help you understand exactly how fast charging works.

With the growth of the smartphone market new technology is coming to market all the time. But with the invention qualcomm quick charge 2.0 and 3.0 came faster charging.When the new model of smartphones came out most included quick charge technology in them and a lot of brands started making the faster chargers as well. Some of the fast charger brands out there are anker, aukey ( sell on amazon) and also motorola and samsung.

The phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for example are one of the newest phones nowadays and have a lot of new and important features. Besides being resistant to water, the phones have good camera and a fast adaptive charger that helps people charge the phones quickly. This charger is known as Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging. Basically samsung's version of quick chargeor rapid charge. If you are looking for an oem samsung charger than this one is the best out there as it is made specifically for the samsung linup.

If you own this type of phone then you have received a quick charge in the box with the phone. You will be able to see how fast your phone charges compared to your older model samsung charger.

For quick charging the manufacturers use the names as Quick Charge, Adaptive Fast Charging and Turbo Charging it name a few. With just 10 minutes of charging the Samsung phone can be used for 5 more hours. This is an incredible way of saving time and having your smartphone ready to use at all times. This is definitely worth buying

Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology technology was announced few years ago and they are basically the technology behind this fast charge revolution. There is the Quick Charge 2.0 version that recharges the phone up to 50%, starting from 0% in 25 minutes. With this device can be charged fully in 80 minutes, instead of waiting for 2-3 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have this type of technology for charging quickly. The owners of these phones are able to purchase these samsung fast chargers for there house or cars.  There is even a fast wireless charger available as well.

The Quick Charge Technology allows charging when battery is below 10%, with using the Quick Charge Technology, you will get 50% battery for 30 minutes. It will be enough for the rest of the day where you can use your phone at work, at home, during a night out with friends or family, at some events, etc. After the 30 minutes of charging, it goes slowly to the regular speed of preserving battery. The quick charging can be also done on the phone Nexus 6, which is almost identical to the charging of the Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging.

Quick charging  is really fast, and of course useful. If you use another, regular charger to charge Samsung, then the process will go very slow, slow as the phones manufactured in 2012 and 2013. You can do rapid charging on most android phones that are of the higher end of the market. 

Using certified Quick Charge wall plug, charger and micro USB cable you need to have these things with you. Whether you possess a charger, a USB cable or a wall plug, you will need to make sure there ul certified by qualcomm to work correctly.

The phone can get up to 50% battery life and in the same amount of time, charging the phone will deliver up to 22% battery life. It is a huge difference and is definitely worth having it with you every day. I am always looking to charge faster all my family's phones so we can get back to our day.

While some fast battery charger's are exaggerated most charge your battery faster than previous models at around 4 times faster. At those speeds that can be as much as 2 times faster than quickcharge 1.0 and about 38 percent better than quick charge 2.0 speeds. Most android phones will allow you to use this tech and charge your phone faster.  There a few different names for this tech but the most used is Qualcomms quick charge 3.0  .  Basically what a quick charger does it allow you to get your phone charger a lot faster than older model chargers.  


Can qualcomm quick charge hurt your battery life? This is a a question I asked myself when I started using the note 5 galaxy smartphone.  Qualcomm states on there website that they charge the battery the way it is supposed to be charged. So the answer to that is no it does not affect the battery performance in the long run.  The manufacturers like samsung and lg make design there smartphones so the can take in a certain amount of juice. Quick charge allows todays smartphones to work at the best pace to charge your smartphone backup.

Can fast charging be any form of cable?  Yes it can you can use a usb typ c fast charger or a usb fast charger that really does not matter.

Quick Charge 2.0 is the most used fast battery charging technology right now. It is inside many different devices including the note 4, note 5, s6, s6 edge, s7, s7 edge, motorola devices and so on. Many more devices have the quick charge capability as well. With quick chagers 2.0 or 3.0 you basically have the qualcomm quick charge technology in the phone which allows for faster charging.  There are so many brands that have this in there devices.  You have samsung adaptive, anker, aukey, turbopower to name a few. 

I have seen many discussion that talk about how this works exactly.  The most simple way to explain is that the phone has to have the qualcomm quick charge technology in the phone and also the device charging the smartphone also has to have certain specs that qualcomm approves under the UL license. 


When you plug the phone for charging, a notification will appear that says “Fast Charging” if the charger is good, and “Cable Charging” if the charger is fast, but not certified. When you purchase the charger be careful, and keep in mind this information, so you can see if it is the correct one.

One of the best features

It is definitely one of the best features any smartphone can have. Every Samsung has an adaptive fast charger in the box, when purchasing, but if you want chargers for the other rooms, or some USB cable then you can order it.

What is a Usb Fast Charger

I see on a lot of forums customers saying the usb cable can make the phone fast charge but I have tested numerous different model's and have not been able to verify this so I would not worry to much about this. The one thing though about usb charge is to make sure it is an oem brand because those cheaper chinese knockoffs can give you some problems.




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