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Mophie Iphone 6 Plus Cases Available

The mophie juicepack plus wireless charging base mophie iphone 6 cases plus gives you the protection needed to keep your iphone 6 plus from scratches and running out of battery to quickly. It is the best iphone 6 plus case on the market for a long running battery and protection. Mophie backs this with a 2 year warranty as well. The mophie case for iphone 6 provides you great battery life to get through the day.

Wireless charging your mophie iphone 6 plus case has never been easier and more convenient. You can charge your iphone 6 plus on any pad it states so you dont run into the chord mess were all used to. You can actually use samsung qi wireless charging with mophie as well which is a great feature because I have them all over my house.  The mophie iphone 6 plus wireless battery case does include a wireless base so that is a great feature that is included with this. With 2420 mah battery power this should help you get your tasks done with no problem. Charge force wireless power has great magnetic positioning and immediately chargers once installed. It has a great looking desk mount as well so if your looking for style this is one to look at.

Charge force vent mount for the mophie iphone 6 plus allows you to rotate your smartphone 360 degrees and gives you 60 percent more battery. 

No need to worry if you don't have access to the wireless qi charger as well because it has a built in battery pack that can give you 12 hours talk time, 6 hours internet usage, and 7 hours playback so you can be on youtube all day long. 

The mophie iphone 6 plus case brings you phone protection with great slim style case. With charge and sync your iphone will get the battery juice it needs first and then passes on to your wireless mophie case. With mophie stand by you can hold that extra battery power for that long walk or run. 

Tech specs




    iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus


    3.07 x 6.91 x 0.6 in (77.9 x 175.58 x 15.15 mm)


    4.20 oz (119 g)


    2 Year Warranty




    juice pack wireless, universal charging base, micro USB cable

2600 mah Mophie Juicepack Plus for Iphone 6 Plus 

is the best battery case on the market.  Yes you will find a lot that are half the price but these iphone battery cases are not easy to make and do have problems keeping battery power so with the great service mophie provides this is our favorite available. It has a really nice look to them and they attach and look great on an iphone 6 plus. The only thing is these do not have samsung rapid charging like an oem samsung charger does. 

Mophie Design and Extras

If you have been using your iphone 6 case plus for a while now then you have to be used to the size of the device. I see a lot of reviews when customers first got the phone they did not like how big it was but you get used to it after a little while.  The added size of this mophie case you should get used to as well so that is not an issue. 

Colors and Features

You can get the mophie case in white, black or gold. Every color really looks nice no matter which one you go with.  

The case comes in 2 peices which easily slide of the iphone 6 plus very easily and really has a nice snug fit. The design makes it so if you do drop your phone it should be protected really well because right by the lcd it comes out a little so it will not hit the ground flush. 

Micro usb port is where you gonna be able to charge your device and it is located at the buttom which is nice.  You will also see the port hole for your headphones as well down there. 

On the back of the mophie plus case you will see 4 led lights which let you know whats powered on the device and if it is working correctly. 

Overall the mophie case gives you a little of everything you want in a battery case. You have the great design, great battery life and will help you get through your day without having to worry about were your going to charge you phone next.

Juice Pack H2PRO  for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus

The juice pack h3pro for iphone 6 plus is there version of a lifeproof. It is water proof case for iphone 6 plus and mophie says it has military standards as well with 70 percent more juice. 

This is a new line from mophie and with summer fast approaching this is a great case to take to the beach or on a shopping trip. It will keep battery power for a long day and protect against and rain or use on the beach.



  • Waterproof case- You can actually bring this mophie juice pack into the bathtub and play music or take it swimming with you and not worry about water damage
  • 70 percent extra juice- when your on the go you know it is hard to keep your mophie iphone 6 plus juiced up. If your running around on errands or jogging in the park this will keep you waterproof and have the extra battery power. 
  • Keep scratches off limits- This will keep you from getting the scratches while using your iphone for regular use so no worries with this added protection. Better than  lifeproof.
  • LIGHT AND THIN DESIGN - Protective cases can come in huge sizes that make in uncomfortable to put on a smartphone. This case gives you all the added benefits and a nice thin design.
  • Access to your screen- no need to worry about using your lcd on your iphone because this gives you access to everything you need.

Questions and Answers

Can water get into your iphone 6 plus with this mophie case? You will not get water into your phone because this is waterproof.

What is the correct mah on this mophie iphone 6 plus case? It has 2950mah battery power.  It states this on the mophie website.

Can you put this mophie iphone case on pretty easily? Yes this is a very easy to remove and put on case from mophie cases.  You will not have a problem. Most of these mophie cases come in 2 parts and there easy to slip on and off. 

Do the mophie cases come with a charging head? No but they do come with a data cable you can use to charge. You can use your charger that came with your phone to charge the mophie cases.

Are the mophie iphone 6 cases apple certified? Yes all mophie apple cases are mif certified for apple specs.

Does this have a otterbox like holster? No this does not.

Mophie Juicepack Iphone 6 Plus

You will like that this has 14.5 hours of battery life.  The is a lifeline that will get you through the work day. You can spend hours updating your facebook or youtube with this battery case.  The thin design looks pretty nice as well. 

You will see that this mophie juicepack iphone 6 plus case looks to be the thinnest design you can find online.  I have yet to see a better thin design. 

Protection if you drop your phone a lot comes with this case as well so no worries about that even though it seems to thin to protect.  

Battery juice is a little less than the earlier model we talked about coming in at 2650 mah. 

Easy to use as you just turn on by a switch just like you would a room at your house. 


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