Iphone 8 Wireless Charging Pad

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Iphone 8 Wireless Charging Pad Release date

As we approach the September keynote, the world of Tech is still wondering: will there be two new iPhone or three? Will Apple skip the "S" branded transition generation by offering iPhone 8, 8 Plus and 8 Pro directly? The transition from the metal casing in the iPhone to an all-glass construction would make future smartphones better fitted to wireless charging, as metal frames can dampen wireless frequency tolerances. At this point, it's not clear whether or not it will be added to the sticker cost for iPhone 8, or perhaps an optional add-on. Will the iphone 8 release date and the iphone 8 wireless charger be a reality


Will Facial Recognition completely replace the Touch ID or will it simply support it? Finally, how much will the high-end model with a borderless OLED screen cost, the presumed iPhone 8 Pro /iPhone Edtion?


The integration of this borderless screen crystallizes the rumors and monopolises the attentions. However, it's perhaps the arrival of a bold technique of recharging wireless that would allow Apple to redistribute the cards on the market.


Strings Attached

It's already possible to install a Galaxy S7, S8 and many other Android smartphones on an induction charger. And these same wireless charging supports are becoming more and more democratic, notably in some counters of a few cafes and restaurants. But these brackets still need to be plugged into a wall outlet. The wire is always present; it's just not directly connected to the phone.


Above all, this wireless charger works only at a very short distance, around 40 mm, hence the obligation to put the smartphone on support for it to work. Let us now imagine the wireless charge not on a distance expressed in millimeters, but in meters.


Apple iPhone 8 Wireless loading on such a distance would become a real game-changer on the market; it would allow for example to recharge our phones as soon as we enter a room. This great technology would also be a boon for an ever-increasing number of smart and connected devices.


And the good news is that Apple could integrate this long-range charging technology on its iPhone in the medium term. Before asking whether or not the next iPhone will include this future wireless charging, let's start by distinguishing between different standards and technologies.


Qi To Structure A Market

Used for years in wireless electric toothbrushes: induction charging is the most popular wireless technology today. In this market of induction, two standards confront each other: the Qi and the Powermat.


In the war between them to impose their standard, Qi has won some battles. It's present on all smartphones equipped with the wireless charger, and one finds compatible chargers in American McDonald's for example. Opposite, Powermat has relied on the support of Starbucks coffee shops, and its shippers are present at some US airports.


The coexistence of these standards forces some manufacturers to implement both standards on their products, as is the case with Samsung with its S7 and S8 compatible Qi and Powermat. By joining the Qi wireless charging consortium last February, Apple may well put everyone in agreement. Powermate was quick to react by stating that the brand supports will also handle the Qi standard if Apple decides to adopt it.


This would be the first impact of a wireless charging iPhone: simplifying and structuring the market around a single standard, Qi provided naturally that Apple adopts this technology.


Wattup Or The Real Wireless Charging

For Apple iPhone 8 could also be more daring by skipping the step of induction and its distance limited to 40 millimeters to aim further.


Developed by Energous, the WattUp techno uses a method similar to Wi-Fi by drawing on the energy of radio frequencies (RF). When compatible devices are within 4.5 meters of the "router" or power transmitter, they automatically recharge.


The Promise Is Beautiful

Energous, who rumored to be working with Apple, claims that its wireless technology would be able to charge anything from a mobile device to a laptop via a hearing aid. And according to CEO Stephen R. Rizzone, WattUp is expected to hit the market before the end of the year. Along with an iPhone 8? This is not yet gained, as it will be necessary before the step of the compliance.


While we are already bombarded by waves, the main concern remains, is this technology not harmful to health?


The FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) is currently evaluating the technology by determining the amount of wave that can be safely absorbed by human tissue. The CEO of Energous is confident and says WattUp would be "very, very close" to getting the FCC certification.


The Right Time To Market

If we were to the recent and many indiscretions that have leaked, Apple should propose the wireless charger on its iPhone 8, Remains to determine the technology chosen.


For the moment and as usual Apple seems to play the character privileging a standard owner. The two Apple-branded products that use Induction Charging, AirPods and Apple Watch, do not work (at least without hacking) with third-party wireless chargers - Qi, Powermat or other.


Apple joins the Wireless Power Consortium to participate as well as contribute to the open and collaborative development of future wireless charging standards


Can Apple skip the step of resistive load to switch directly to the RF long-range load? At the beginning of the year, at the CES the CEO of Energous was shimmering the remote recharge on the next iPhone. And his statements gain in credit at the expense of the fund raising. After investing $ 10 million in Energous at the end of 2016, semiconductor manufacturer Dialog put up another $ 15 million at the beginning of July 2017.

It should be noted that Dialog realizes 70% of its turnover with Apple, a functional prototype of a WattUp-compatible chip. A chip is so small that it could be embedded on an iPhone.

This revolutionary energy management chip could be the last chance for Dialog. According to rumors from the financial markets, Apple would consider dropping this provider of integrated circuits, to integrate a house chip and adopt the standard Qi!



However, incorporating a long-distance wireless charging technology would ideally celebrate the iPhone Anniversary and send a strong signal to a purring and standardized industry that is often satisfied with incremental innovation. It remains to be seen whether this will be for this year.

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