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Quick Charge Motorola Chargers

The new quick charge moto turbo charger is a brand new set of smartphone charger's that can power your device a lot faster than previous motorola charger's could.  Some have quick charger 2.0 and the newer version have qualcomm quick charge 3.0.  They also have a usb type c adapter as the newer motorola smartphones have this new standard type adapter. You can charge your moto x in fifteen minutes and have power to last all day long to get your business task's done. 

This quick charge motorola charger will work with usb powered devices including motorola, samsung, lg etc. It says on retail packaging this will work specifically with motorola qualcomm quick charge 2.0 devices though samsung has that as well so it will work with the galaxy smartphone lineup. They both use the same technology from qualcomm.

First Up is Motorola TurboPower 25 Rapid Car Charger w/ Quick Charge

Motorola boosts speeds of 12 hour's battery life with 15 minutes of charging.  This can very depending on what your doing on the phone. If your watching netflix  or youtube videos this will not last that long of course. Qualcomm quick charge will work with most devices that have the fast charging technology and will work with ios as well but not at fast speeds.

The attached usb cable will not work of course only if you put your own iphone cable into it. 

TurboPower can see what type of charging your device needs and adapt to it quickly. Your device will then get the correct battery juice needed to help you get your business or personal tasks done on your phone.  Turbo charge supports many different smartphone devices. 


  • You can go for a 20 minute drive and plug your motorola device in and by the time your back home your device will be mostly powered back up with quick charge. The Old days used to take hours to get your device back to what the juice can get to now
  • Works great with the motorola turbo 2 and really can fast charge it like samsung models can.
  • When your on your ride home from florida or where ever your coming from it is nice to be able to keep your device charged while using google maps. I used to run out of battery and get lost but not now with fast charging I can keep maps going the whole trip. Works great as a motorola phone charger as well.
  • The best car charger for your motorola device. While there are a lot of quick charger brands out there this one is the best for your motorola smartphone for sure.
  • Excellent turbo charge for moto pure and works great in standard car port. I use the extra usb cable for my wifes iphone.
  • I use the turbo 2 on a road trip and this works great with my gps as well. Keep's it powered.
  • Works great as a droid turbo car charger with quick charge technology
  • best moto g2 charger or moto g3 charger


  • Some customers have stated it took 3 hours to charge there phone
  • Had a few problems keeping in my standard car port
  • Does not charge unless you hold it in but I did try moto x play with turbo charger and that works so I don't know.

Next Review is Moto Turbo Power 15 

This is one of the newer motorola chargers out there. It comes with turbopower 15 and a usb type c adapter which is becoming the new standard. This can give speeds for your smartphone for very quick charging. It  has 17w output which is high in energy output and you  will be happy that it comes with 5 ft cable which I have seen a lot of complain about the 3 ft cable on earlier models. 

Optimized to keep your battery safe even while charging it fast. Works with tablets as well which is a plus. You can charge usb type c smartphones which is going to increase as new models will come out this including  the iphone.  I know the samsung s8 will have usb type c. Works the moto z family of devices but will not work as moto g charger.


  • quick charge Turbo charge works great as an extra device to charge at the office. 
  • I use it to moto fast charge my moto z phone.  I purchased it for my wifes as well but she has usb and usb-c so it did not work for her.
  • Works great and turbocharge my phone for samsung
  • turbo charger for moto x play that beats the competition
  • droid turbo 2 charger for your car


  • Sometimes you get a defective unit. This happens but  it happened to me.
  • A little bulky to travel with compared to my old samsung fast charger. 

Last but not Least 

TurboPower 30 Wall Charger Rapid Charger

Get a quick burst of power when you need it most

The TurboPower 30 wall charger delivers up to 15 hours of power in just 15 minutes of charging on Moto Z Force Droid Edition. This is great because it will charge any usb type c smartphone. Should charge it fast if it has qualcomm quick charge 3.0 as well. Most newer phones have this and we will have to wait and see if the new iphone 8 has qualcomm quick charge or even a usb type c adapter.

Can charge your motorola droid force in 15 minutes you get about 15 hours of talk time.  Whats great about usb-c is you do not have to fidget around trying to find the right way to put the moto turbo charger into your phone because it is universal. 


  • Charges compatible quick charge 2.0 and quick charge 3.0 phones faster than your used to
  • works with moto z droid and moto z force. The best moto x charger.




USB-C plug on attached cable


100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


5V / up to 5.7A under control of Power Delivery compatible device

Power output


Power cord length

4.5 ft (1.3 m)


2.0 x 2.2 x 1.3 in (50.5 x 55.2 x 31.8 mm)


4.8 oz (135 g)

Included in box

TurboPower™ 30 charger
Warranty card

Questions and Answers for Motorola Quick Charge?

  1. Do the motorola turbopower chargers come with a usb chord?  Some of the models do but some also come with a usb-c chord.  Please check before making a purchase to see what your phone needs.  They are 2 different chords.
  2. I need a quick charge for my droid turbo 2 will this work with it.  Yes it will 
  3. Do the quick charge 2.0 car charge work basically the same as the home chargers do?  Yes they work exactly the same way. They both will charge faster than 2a speeds of older model smartphones. 



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