How To Charge A Phone With A Broken Charging Port

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Can you still charge a phone with a broken charging port?

Some customers have actually emailed us about this issue to see if they could charge there samsung devices without having to use the charging port.  The problem is the wireless chargers still need access to the charging port as well for some smartphones.  

The newer samsung smartphones do not need access to the charging port though and will work just fine with a wireless charger.  The new wireless charger convertible for s8 would work great or a samsung fast wireless charger for s6 would do just fine.  The wireless charger plugs from that to the outlet and then all you have to do is lay down your samsung phone on top of it and you will see it charging.

Another option would be to replace your charging port.  The best place to fix a samsung phone would be to go to were they have the best database of tutorials I have seen online.  They have step by step videos that show you what to do and they also have great kits to purchase to fix your device.

To avoid any hassle I would also check to see if the manufacturer has a warranty still on your device if you like using wall chargers instead.  This can save you a headache and get your phone fixed fast.

Another gold mind of fixing videos is youtube were you can find great info on all smartphone devices.

Before you send your smartphone in for repairs make sure you have backed up all your information because the manufacturer sometimes might have to exchange the device if they cannot seem to get the problem fixed and that means you could lose all your data. 

Last option would be to try a different charger.  Sometimes it is not the charging port at all but the problem can be your charger.  I would find an authorized distributor and purchase a brand new wall charger and see if that is not the issue.  It seems to easy to be but it can be the problem.

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