Ultimate Guide to Charging Your PS4/PS5 Controller from a Wall Outlet

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Can you charge ps5 controller from wall?

Fast Answer?

Yes you can as shown below.

To charge the PS5 controller, use a USB-C to USB-A cable to connect the DualSense to your console or another power source.

Playing video games is fun, but when your PS4/PS5 controller runs out of battery,

the experience can quickly turn sour. The good news is that you don't have to stop

playing just because your controller is out of juice. This post will teach you how to

charge your PS4/PS5 controller using a wall outlet. Let's dive in!


1. Use a USB Charger:

The easiest way to charge your PS4/PS5 controller from a wall outlet is by using a

USB charger. You'll need a USB cable that fits into your controller's charging port.

Plug in the USB cable into the charger and then into the controller. Make sure the

charger is plugged into the wall outlet. The controller will start charging immediately.

2. Charging Station: Another option is to use a charging station designed for

PS4/PS5 controllers. These stations come with their own power supply to charge

your controllers. Plus, they can charge two controllers at once. Simply plug in the

charging station to the wall outlet and then insert your controllers into the station.

The station will automatically start charging them.

3. Use a Wall Socket with USB Ports: If you have a wall socket that has USB ports, you can use it to charge your PS4/PS5 controller. Simply plug in the USB cable into the charging port of your controller, and then plug the other end into the USB port on the wall socket. Make sure to turn on the wall socket if there's an on/off switch. Your controller will start charging immediately.

4. Power Bank: If you're on the go and don't have access to a wall outlet, you can use a power bank to charge your PS4/PS5 controller. Make sure the power bank has a USB port and a USB cable that fits your controller. Connect the USB cable to the power bank and then plug the other end into the controller. Press the power button on the power bank, and your controller will start charging.

5. Extension Cord: If the wall outlet is too far away from where you're sitting, you can use an extension cord to charge your PS4/PS5 controller. Plug the extension cord into the wall outlet and then plug your USB charger into the extension cord. Finally, connect the USB cable to the controller, and it will start charging.

Questions and Answers?

How long does the PS4 controller battery take to charge?

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of PS4 controllers: original controllers and the new DualShock 4. The DualShock 4 is the newer version of the controller and offers some significant upgrades from the original. One of these upgrades is the ability to charge the controller more quickly and efficiently.

If you're using an original PS4 controller, the charging time will vary. According to Sony, it will take around 2 hours to fully charge a dead controller using the PlayStation system. However, if you're not using the PlayStation to charge your controller, it may take longer. If you're using a wall adapter, the time it takes to charge your controller will vary depending on the output of the adapter. A typical wall adapter will take around 3-4 hours to fully charge a PS4 controller.

When it comes to the DualShock 4 controller, Sony claims that it can be charged fully in just 2 hours. This is a significant improvement from the original controller and is thanks to the upgraded battery and charging technology. However, it's essential to note that the charging time can vary depending on the charging method used. If you're charging your DualShock 4 via USB, it may take longer to charge.

One thing you can do to extend the overall life of your PS4 controller's battery is to use a charging dock. Not only will it keep your controller organized and out of the way, but it will also charge your controller efficiently. Some charging docks even come with additional features, like built-in cooling fans or controller storage. With a charging dock, you'll always know that your controller is ready to go when you are.Charging your PS4/PS5 controller from a wall outlet is easy and convenient. Whether you use a USB charger, charging station, USB wall socket, power bank, or extension cord, you can keep playing your favorite games uninterrupted. Always ensure your controller is well charged, and you will never have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a game. So, plug in your controller and have fun!

How to make the PS4 controller battery last longer between charges.

1. Adjust the controller brightness
The controller light bar is one of the biggest battery killers on the PS4 controller. It might look cool, but it's drawing power every time you turn on your controller. You can adjust the brightness of your controller in the settings so that it's not shining as bright. This could save you some extra minutes of battery life.

2. Turn off vibration and speaker
The vibration feature and the built-in speaker are other battery drains on your PS4 controller. These features may enhance your gaming experience, but they significantly reduce your controller’s battery. To turn off the vibration and speaker settings, go to your PS4 settings and select “Devices.” Then choose “Controllers” and adjust the settings to your preference.

3. Charge your controller properly
The way you charge your controller has an impact on how long your battery will last. Avoid leaving your controller charging overnight as it damages the battery and reduces its lifespan. Instead, charge your controller for a maximum of two hours, then unplug it. Also, try to use an official charging cable, as third-party ones may not deliver the same quality of charge.

4. Adjust your PS4 settings
You can also tweak some settings on your PS4 console to extend your controller’s battery life. One of these is the auto power off feature, which turns off your controller after a certain period of inactivity. To enable the feature, go to your PS4 settings and select “Power Saving Settings.” From there, choose the “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off” option.

5. Buy an extra controller
Last but not least, buying an extra controller can be a great investment for extending your battery life. If you have two controllers, you can swap between them when one battery runs out and continue playing without any interruptions. This will prevent you from having to pause your gaming session and wait for your controller to charge.

What color is the ps4 controller when charging?

There are two colors that the PS4 controller uses while charging – orange and white. When your controller is charging, the light bar on the top of the controller will start flashing orange. This indicates that your controller is charging and is still low on battery. Once your controller has enough battery to be used again, the light bar will change from orange to white.

While your controller is fully charged, the light bar will continue to flash white. However, you can change the light bar’s color to various colors to personalize how your controller’s light bar looks. This can be done by going to the “Settings” menu on your PS4 console. Once you access the “Settings” menu, select “Devices,” and then select “Controllers.” From there, you will see an option called “Brightness of DualShock 4 Light Bar.” You can choose from various colors to make your controller’s light bar look your way.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your PS4 console must be turned on while charging your controller. If your console is turned off and you are charging your controller, the light bar will flash briefly then stop. This can be a bit confusing, especially if you are not aware that your console needs to be turned on during the charging process.

To determine if your controller is fully charged, you can check how much battery life it has by going to the “Settings” menu on your PS4 console. From there, select “Devices,” and then select “Controllers.” You will see a section called “Battery Level” where you can check how much battery life your controller has.

How to make the PS4 controller battery last longer between charges.

1. Turn off Vibration:
The controller vibration feature makes games feel more immersive, but it does consume a chunk of battery life. If you want to maximize your controller's battery life, turning off the vibration feature can be very helpful. It's an easy fix that you can make in the controller settings. Go to the settings tab on your PS4 home screen, then select "Devices" and then "Controllers." Here you have the option to turn off vibration.

2. Adjust Brightness:
The PS4 controller light bar is a unique feature that looks fantastic, but it can also consume a lot of battery power. The controller's light bar can be dimmed or turned off completely in the settings. To make this change, go to the settings tab on your PS4 home screen, then select "devices" and then "controllers." Here you can select the brightness level you prefer.

3. Turn off the PS4 when not playing:
Leaving your PS4 on sleep mode when not gaming, can cause your controller to continue communicating with it. This communication can drain the battery of your controller. When you are not playing, turn off the PS4 console or unplug it entirely to avoid battery depletion.

4. Use a USB Cable instead of Bluetooth for PS5 controller chargers:
Connecting your controller to the PS4 using Bluetooth instead of a USB cable can be convenient until it begins to affect the battery life of your controller. To avoid this, use a USB cable instead. Connecting your controller to the PS4 using a USB cable will help preserve the battery life and also improve your gaming experience.

5. Invest in a Play and Charge kit:
Lastly, if you are a gamer who loves long gaming sessions, you should consider investing in a play and charge kit. This kit comes with a rechargeable battery pack and a USB cable. With the play and charge kit, you can play games continuously without interruptions. Once the battery of your controller is running low, you can easily plug it into the USB cable and recharge it.

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