Best Anker Products For Smartphones

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Best Anker Products For Smartphones

Anker for first came about around 2011 and they started off selling mostly laptop batteries and anker battery but they soon changed to selling smartphone products because they saw oem companies like samsung and apple charging to much for accessories and chargers. They also have the powerline 2 series of cables. 

With our fast battery charger blog post were going to show you some great products including there chargers, portable battery packs and other exciting releases from

Anker Qi Wireless Charging Devices

PowerPort Qi Wireless Charger

A great device for those looking to cut the chords.  I know first hand because if there is one thing I do not like to have around my desk area is a bunch of usb chords.  The more mess around my desk the more anxiety I feel.  I like it to be clean cut. 

With qi wireless technology you can basically just set your smartphone down and it will start charging.  No need to fuss with chords anymore. This was ankers first wireless charging pad and they made it kind of look like every other brands charging device.  There is nothing great about the design except it is sleek but they all were when these first came out.

There power user program you can sign up for and they might send you a free one to test.

PowerPort Qi 10 Wireless Charger

This was ankers second qi device and it is a lot nicer design.  I have purchased one myself to test out and I love the blue light that comes on to make sure its working properly. This wireless pad looks great on your desktop and has fast charging which is up to par with samsung speeds. 

Has a great sleek and almost silky feel to it. You can also sign up for power user program for this as well. 

Anker Wall Charger Products

PowerPort+ 3 Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

I was upset when I found out my s8 plus does not have quick charge 3.0 because I was gonna purchase this bad boy.  With quick charge 3.0 you can get a lot faster speeds at upto 4 times faster than previous quick charge 2.0 devices. So instead of 50 percent battery in 30 minutes you get around 85 percent.

You can have a no quick charge device and still get great speeds with there trademark poweriq. 

Having 3 ports is great for your household because you can charge your iphone or galaxy smartphone at the same time and your not fighting over the charger.

PowerPort Speed 5 Desktop Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

Quick Charge
 Delivers charging speeds up to 4X faster than 2.a chargers. Anker's  PowerIQ and VoltageBoost will also give your older model phones like the s3, or s4 fast speeds you cannot get with a regular charger.

Great Design
Matte exterior is probably the best material I have seen on charging devices. High-gloss detailing and the cool-blue USB port makes for a great look in your house or office.

PowerPort Speed 5 Desktop Charger

On or anker website you can see that they have made this specifically to get the fastest speeds for any device. For users of smartphones or ipads this is probably your go to device.  Having to bring all those extra chargers on vacation it can be easier to get a device like this. 

You can get quick charge 3 on here as well so your not gonna miss anything with this charging fast device. You can get port2port easily here.  You have 5 in all and you get the blue led with this device as well.








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