Anker vs Aukey Quick Chargers Battery Packs and Qualcomm 2.0 , 3.0 Wall Chargers

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Is Anker Any Better Than Aukey

As many of you probably know the anker brand and aukey brand have been selling private label fast battery chargers with Quick Charge 2.0 technology in there wall and car chargers over the last few years.  Both brands seem to have a loyal base of customers and they keep pushing out great products. 

Is aukey or anker better for there quick charger 2.0 wall chargers.  Were going to test these 2 chargers ourselves to see which is faster and works better with the note 5 smartphone.  

First up is Aukey Quick Charge 2.0

vs Anker

The aukey quick charger single head wall charger is qualcomm quick charge 2.0 certified which just means they have been approved by qualcomm to license there tech in there charger. The first thing I like about it is you can use it with a wide range of smartphones.  My wife has a iphone so she can use ( just need iphone cable) and I have a samsung so I can use to quick charge my note 5 as well.  It is universal in a sense. Of course iphone does not have quick charger but it works none the less.

Aukey quick charge supports healthy battery life which is very important with the note 5 because it is not easy to change out a battery on that smartphone. There is no battery door and that goes for a lot of phones out there now. It can adjust the battery juice going into the phone with its unique specs and you will receive the battery power for your smartphone.  Aukey direct website you can find the warranty information easily as well which is a plus.

Universal Compatibility
Works with a lot of smartphones

AUKEY EntireProtect
protects agains you overcharging your phone

24 Month Warranty
Great to know your backed up by a 24 month warranty

Aukey Quick Charge Pros

  • Charge devices around 70 percent faster than older model chargers
  • safe protection against charging your battery to much
  • AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology ( qualcomm quick charge 2.0)

Anker Quick Charger 2.0 

vs Aukey

The anker quick charge 2.0 is qualcomm certified as well.  The surge protection feature is great on this charger. You see a lot of this on chargers that laptops or computers are on and this is great for a smartphone because you dont want to lose all your data. 8 Hours of battery life is great on just 15 minutes of charging as well.

Anker boost speeds of 60 percent in 30 minutes which would be a little faster than the samsung adaptive fast chargers and a full charger around 75 percent faster. 


 Conclusion is both have about the same speeds and both are good brands to choose from.  I would not hesitate to purchase from either one.  


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  • aukey vs anker power bank are def better with anker. they are the most reliable fast charging company in the world right now.

    ray on

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