Top 10 Samsung Chromebook Chargers

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Without a doubt, the Samsung Chromebook is among the famous and most widely used budget Chromebooks which are available at stores. If you are someone who wants a laptop with the most effective performance and high speed, then it is one of the options you don't want to overlook. What's more, it is highly affordable with a built that is durable. However, you want the best charger for it in order for it to work in the most effective manner. If you're looking for a charger that optimizes its running time and helps you perform tasks easily and efficiently, then you might want to look into something that is durable and reliable. Many people want to use this device for long hours, and for that, the number one requirement they have is sufficient battery life. For that, a replacement charger for Chromebook comes as a wise option.

In this article, we will see what the top Samsung Chromebook Chargers that you can use for your laptop for it to run effectively are.

  • Anker PD Charger

The Anker PD charger has a maximum power output of 60W and is considered among the best charger for its value. It is among the best portable chargers you would need for your Chromebook, considering you are traveling for a vacation or simply an official tour. Not only are you able to charge your laptop with it, but also you can charge your phone on time.

  • Anker Slim Charger

With a power output value of 45W, the Anker slim charger is sleek, stylish, and easy to carry around. It comes with a portable plug design that you can fold. PowerPort Atom 3 Slim of 45W gives you efficient portability as well as convenience for a demanding charger for the lookout. You are also able to charge up to four devices at the same time. What's more, the USB C port is able to share 20W power for optimum charging for different mobile devices.

  • Baseus Wall Charger

If you want maximum effectiveness, then the Baseus 100W charger comes as the winner of them all. It will charge up to four times faster than conventional chargers. What's more, it is up to 40% reduced in its size and is 70% more efficient than the conventional ones. Now, with this much efficiency, you may think the heat dissipation of this charger will be off-limits. But, this is not the case as it only generates up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit of heat (heat dissipation), a feature unlikely to be seen in other chargers.

  • Zendure X5 Portable Charger

The Zendure X5 charger comes with a 15,000 milliAH portable charger, which is an ideal option for everyone wanting to get maximum performance. You are able to connect a multitude of different devices and also charge the device up to 40% in only a matter of half an hour.

  • Acer Chromebook Charger

At number one position is the Acer Chromebook charger for Samsung Chromebook. Acer laptops, just like this one, also utilize a charger of 65W. So, you can find most Acer chargers to be an effective alternative to Chromebook and other Samsung chargers. The good catch also includes its cost-effectiveness. For a price under 300 USD, it contains a connector with a diameter of 1mm that supplies current seamlessly. In addition to the Chromebook, it also works for the Aspire series as well.

  • HP Chromebook Charger

The Janboo charger, which is compatible with HP is, also carries an output power of 65W, just like the Acer chargers. However, the connectivity factor is different for the two. On the one hand, HP uses a blue-tipped charger that stands out with an internal diameter of 3mm. In addition to that, it also works with Envy 15 lines as well as Chromebook 14.

  • Samsung Chromebook Charger

The replacement charger from Samsung originates from Superior. What's more, it comes with a cable that is longer than seven feet. It has a maximum output value of 26W. However, it is able to work with Samsung Chromebook version 2 and version 3. The latest options for Samsung have now switched towards a USB C port. So, if that is the option that looks the best for you, you might want to consider it as a suitable replacement.

  • PWR PLUS Charger

The Pwr Plus charger comes with a USB C port and is considered among the best chargers that you can find for Chromebook. It has among the longest charging cables 12 feet long cable you can find on the market, making it among the most convenient chargers to use by users. No matter where you have the plug, you can easily use the Chromebook without worrying. It is among the perfect chargers to be used for Chromebooks and Lenovo laptops.

  • NekTeck USB C Charger

It serves as an excellent charger if you are looking for a built-in cable for charging. It serves to be convenient for people who don't want the undue stress of having to find their cables once lost. Also, it is even less than 20 USD, which is quite a catch for many users. It doesn't have a losable cable, and it comes with a built-in cable six feet in length. Also, there is a USB IF certification for added security.

  • SLE Tech Mini 45W Laptop Chromebook Charger

If you want a charger that is ultra-compact in its size, then the SLE Tech Mini Charger with a 45W outcome of charging is the one you need. You can take it anywhere since it is a portable Chromebook charger for Samsung and other devices. Having a USB-C port, it is compatible with all versions of Chromebooks as you are traveling. Therefore, it is considered to be ideal for all people.


These were some of the best Chromebook chargers that you can use - these are arranged in no particular order. Depending on the demand, you can choose the best one that suits the particular and customized needs that you may have as a user.

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