Does a Tesla Come with a Charger? Everything You Need to Know

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Tesla is one of the most innovative automakers in the world, known for its advanced electric cars. But one question that many people ask when buying a Tesla is - does it come with a charger? It's a valid question since electric cars can only be charged using special charging stations. In this blog post, we'll answer this and many more questions about Teslas and their charging process. So without further ado, let's dive into it!

Tesla wall connector

First of all, it's essential to understand that all Teslas come with a standard charging cable that you can use to connect your car to a power source. The charging cable has a standard domestic plug on one end and a Type 2 connector on the other end, which is used to connect to the Tesla. This cable is called the Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) and is provided with all Teslas.

However, the UMC can be used only with a domestic wall socket, which is insufficient for regular charging. For faster charging, you need to purchase a Tesla Wall Connector, which is a more powerful charging unit that can charge your car up to 90 miles of range per hour. The Tesla Wall Connector is not provided with the car but must be bought separately. You can buy the Wall Connector from Tesla's online store, and it costs around $500.

 Miles of range

Another option you have is to use a public charging station, which is available in many places across the US. Tesla cars are compatible with all public Level 2 (240V) charging stations, so you can use any public charging station to charge your car. However, it's essential to note that not all public charging stations are Tesla-specific, so you may need an adapter to connect to non-Tesla charging stations.

If you plan to go on long road trips or drive long distances regularly, you may also consider buying a Tesla Supercharger. The Tesla Supercharger is a fast-charging station that can provide up to 170 miles of range within 30 minutes of charging. The Superchargers are available on major highways and interstates, making long road trips hassle-free. However, the Supercharger usage is not free and requires payment for charging.

Lastly, it's also important to note that you can install a Tesla charger at home, but it requires a certified electrician to do the installation. The electrician has to install a high-power circuit and a wall-mounted box that serves as the charging unit. The total installation cost can range from $1,000 to $2,000 based on the installation complexity and labor costs. Tesla provides a list of recommended electricians, and you can choose any one of those to get the installation done.

Tesla wall connector

In summary, Teslas do come with a charger - the Universal Mobile Connector (UMC), but it's not suitable for regular charging. To charge your Tesla faster, you need to buy a Tesla Wall Connector or use a public charging station. If you plan to go on long road trips, you can use the Tesla Supercharger. And, if you want to install a Tesla charger at home, you need to hire a certified electrician to do the installation. We hope this blog post helped answer your questions about Teslas and their charging process. Happy driving!



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