Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Quick Chargers Chargers, Wireless Chargers and Portable Battery Packs

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With the release of the samsung galaxy s8 there is a new line of chargers out because it now has a usb type c adapter on it.  This is different than the older model samsung phones which used a usb chord. Fast Battery Charger Blog will go over all the best s8 chargers available and were to get them at great prices.  

The s8 and s8 plus feature qualcomm quick charge 2.0 inside the device. There are 3.0 quick charge phones out there but the s8 and s8 plus only have 2.0 inside so getting a 3.0 charger will not improve the speed from the 2.0 quick charge. The samsung 

Many of the manufacturer's really need qualcomm quick charge to come about because there were so many complaint's of battery life as you know that the smartphone has become your pc for work and play and when your using it all day the battery juice just does not last that long. With quick charge you can get back to your task a lot faster than before. In 2017 samsung is so far a head with wireless and rapid charging that nobody can catch up now.  With samsung's latest mobile the s8 and s8 plus both have samsung fast charge and can charge faster than the comptetions phones.

To sum up exactly what quick charge does is that it can really speed up the charging process for your smartphones.  The s8 must have quick charge tech inside the phone and the charger must be qualcomm quick charge certified to work properly. I would not use any charger that is not certified. 

You will find many different names including turbopower ( motorola), samsung adaptive fast charging ( samsung), and quick charge but they are the same thing basically just qualcomm technology. 

Samsung not only makes the best smartphones but there wireless chargers, battery packs and wall chargers are some the best around as well.  Some have fast charging ( qualcomm quick charging 2.0) in them and most work with all the samsung galaxy phones as well.

How Quick Charge Works With S8 

I personally have not received my s8 plus in the mail yet but I have a note 5 and it works the same way as your s8 or s plus will as far as quick charging.  When my battery is down to say 1 percent and I need a quick charge I just grab an oem samsung charger and start charging and get back to around 20 percent really quickly. I get to around 50 percent in 30 minutes.

The first half of charging seems faster than the last 30 minutes.  Not sure why that is but you can see that is pretty fast compared to regular charging. 

You will see when you plug the s8 into the charging outlet if you have an oem samsung charger it will say fast charging on your screen next to the time frame it gives you. This is the way you know the samsung adaptive fast charging is working correctly. 

In our post below we have tested and found some of the best quick chargers available online and at your nearest cellphone store locally. 

Samsung galaxy s8 wireless chargers

Samsung has developed a great wireless charger for s8 and I think if you are purchasing the s8 then you will probably want to purchase this s8 wireless charger as well. 

Wireless Charger Convertible

Think of it as stylish furniture for your Galaxy S8 or S8+. This s8 galaxy new wireless charger makes charging your phone as simple as it gets. It functions as both a pad and a stand, holding the phone vertically or horizontally—so you can easily charge your s8 or other qi compatible devices very easily. 

I personally will be buying this because it will look great on my desktop or by my bedside and very easy to use as a wireless charger. 

This even works great as a samsung galaxy s7 wireless edge charger for you s7 fans.  It is the best s8 wireless charger out there.  You can find cheaper ones but none charge this fast and with a great brand name like samsung.

Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand Gold for the 2017 Samsung Release the s8

This looks like the previous model fast wireless charger but is coming out with the s8 and now in gold color which is nice. 

You can get fast charging speeds with this device and will look great and match your s8 smartphone as samsung has 4 different colors available. 

Best Samsung s8 Galaxy Wall Chargers

S8 25W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger (Detachable USB-C/USB Cable)

With 12v 2a speed (USB-C) and qualcomm quick charge in this you can get your smartphone charged up pretty fast compared to older model outlet chargers. 


Fast Charging
With new 25W USB-C Fast Charge technology, your battery can go from zero to up to 50% in about 30 minutes, so you can spend less time connected to an outlet and more time using your usb type c phone. The 25W USB-C Fast Charge wall charger will charge USB-C devices without the Fast Charging feature as well, with up to a 2 Amp charging rate.

Rapid Charging
The Samsung Fast Charge Wall Charger usb type phone galaxy s8 works in any standard wall outlet and can quick charge your device.  Now that it comes with a usb type c adapter you cannot use your older model chargers so this will come in handy if your switching to the s8 galaxy.  The usb type c adapter that should be used with your s8 is the oem adapter only.  Samsung may void your warranty if the usb c chord you found at amazon or ebay is not oem.

The Samsung Wall Charger also comes with a detachable USB to USB-C cable, so you can not only charge your s8 on the wall but also with your laptop or if you have usb in the car you can do that as well. 


Galaxy s8 USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger (Detachable USB-C/USB Cable)

This costs a little less but from the samsung website it looks like these chargers can charge your s8 at the same speeds and both come with usb-c cable. 

Fast Charge Portable Battery Charger Pack 5100 mAH for s8 samsung device

The first thing you will notice is the design is really nice on this s8 portable battery charger. It currently comes in navy or silver as well which both look pretty nice.

Having power on the a road trip can come in handy and the Samsung 5100mAh Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack is one of the best to come out with the s8. This battery pack features Samsung Fast Charge which can charge your phone back up faster than regular charging devices.It has a USB Type-C and Type-A ports and the included micro-USB cable and USB Type-C adapter let you charge the s8 and s8 plus. 

There are a few places that sell this including us.  Portable battery charger walmart sells looks to come from authentic samsung sellers as well.  Just be careful where you purchase because a lot of sellers seem to be selling used ones as new especially on ebay.

This is also a portable battery charger with outlet that can easily be tucked away so its great for storage.

When you go on trips this is a great portable battery charger to take with you.  You can take it on a plane and bring through tsa for say a trip to australia and it will also work with most android smartphones.  Just check which port you have.

When your out and about with a 5100mah battery and 2 full chargers you really cannot go wrong with this device.  

  • 5100mAh Capacity
  • Features Samsung Fast Charge
  • Charges Non-Fast Charge Devices at 2A
  • USB Type-C and Type-A Ports
  • Best portable battery charger from samsung
  • portable battery charger for car
  • portable battery charger for phone

Samsung New Phone Accessory Dex Station

This might your coolest accessory to purchase from samsung as it turns your s8 into a computer basically.  It can also wireless charge your smartphone and cool it off at the same time.

Anker Portable Battery Charger

A brand we do not sell but can be found on ebay is anker.  We have tested many anker battery chargers before and we really love them.  They do not allow resellers currently though so that is why we dont sell them.  That cannot stop us from writing about them though. 

In out anker portable battery review we were looking at price, fast charging, and design and the best anker device we found is thePowerCore+ 20100mAh USB-C Port Portable Charger device for s8. 

This is top of the line s8 portable charger and you will not be disappointed with with purchasing this item. Its great for hiking or if your out and about in nyc. You will get through the day with this backup battery device without any problem.

It works with Macbook, Nexus, Nintendo Switch & PowerIQ for iPhone iPad & Samsung. You can get PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C power bank, 60cm USB to USB-C cable, 90cm USB-C to USB-C cable as well as samsung galaxy s8.  




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