Best samsung 25w usb-c super fast wall charger

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best samsung 25w charger

Since the note 4 smartphone was released samsung has been the leader in 25w charging and fast charging smartphones. Every big samsung smartphone release since then has supported the fast charging technology.  We are going to make the choice for best samsung 25w usb-c super fast wall charger selection a lot easier on you.  There are more than just samsung branded ones out there.

25w USB-C wall charger


Samsung is the leader at fast charging with its 25w USB-C wall charger. According to online reviews it provides up to a 25W charge to USB PD 3.0-compatible devices. With the newest devices coming out they all seem to support this fast charging and you cannot go wrong with a samsung branded charger that is made by the same company making the phones.

USB C Super Fast Charger, Anker 25W

Fast Charging for Samsung give your new Samsung Galaxy S20, S21+, or s22  Ultra a full charge in a little over 1 hour. This is actually my daily driver and I love how fast you get your phone charged.  I have not had any issues at all and the price is great.  Make sure if you decide to go with 25w anker charging that you purchase an anker cable as well. 

SAMSUNG 10,000 mAh Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger Charger Battery Pack USB-C, Silver (US Version with Warranty) (EB-U3300XJEGUS)

This option is best if your going on a road trip as you can charge this with your car charger or charge it while your in the hotel and it gives you 25w charging on the go.  Great for cameras as well as flagship smartphones.  It comes with usb c cable as well.

USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Wall Charger 25W

Belkin is a great brand that really stands behind there products and this 25 w charger will not let you down.  


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